Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC)

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Humanity is in a constate state of need for development and advance. With a strong desire to fuel its soul with successful accomplishments, it brings up countless different scenarios and possibilities to its own hands. A Fresh and young center of the world’s finance, Dubai has shown a great incline in the last few decades. Creating countless different opportunities and possibilities for the bright minds of the world, the potential that this city possesses is immense. Place where the world’s all economical advances live through, Dubai sure is filled with many important financial centers. One of the most important ones being Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC for short), it’s a hotspot for entrepreneurs and investors.

About Financial Center

Established in 2004, Dubai International Financial Center is the economic hub for the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia markets. Covering a total of 272 acres, Dubai International Financial Center is accountable for more than 72 countries. With a value that exceeds a total of 7.5 trillion US Dollars, it’s the leading financial hub of the region. Gaining a special type of value with its independent jurisdiction, it’s a hotspot for many foreign investors. Home for many financial institutions and large businesses, it essentially is a community filled with cafés, restaurants, residential spaces, gardens, parks, hotels, art galleries, and more. A valuable center for investors, Dubai International Financial Center, promises bright profitable investment values. 

Independent Jurisdiction of DIFC

Run by a set of private and free civil and commercials laws independent from the United Arab Emirate’s legal system. Widely distinct from the current laws there are in the UAE, DIFC has its courts too. The tax-free system that DIFC adopts, along with its common law framework and international financial exchange, it’s an investor-friendly financial center. Written originally in English, Dubai International Financial Center’s jurisdiction is mostly based upon English law. Made out of mostly judges from various nations such as England, Singapore, and Hong Kong, courts of DIFC are as objective as it gets when making a decision upon important matters. Providing a secure and free place to invest in for all investors across the globe, the independent jurisdiction that DIFC has holds an important value for Dubai. 

The Financial Center

Many procedures that the DIFC has been executed in a private form, given to the respective sectors. With benefits such as almost zero tax rates and being able to be owned totally by a foreign individual, it continues to strive for the best. DIFC offers zero limits on the volume of foreign exchanges and operational support to its facilities. Offering a set of different entertainment possibilities, along with highly comfortable hotels, convention centers, and hotels too, DIFC is a pot of important events. By the name of NASDAQ Dubai, the available trading times of DIFC are between 6.00 am to 10. Am GMT, from Sunday to Thursday.  

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