Ecological Farms in Turkey

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Ecological farming is essentially a farming style, aiming to maximize product outcomes while minimizing natural consumption. By any means, ecological farming aims to meet particular needs while being able to sustain itself on its own. With the common goal to leave a better and healthier state of ground for further generations, ecological farming systems are constantly being developed by the joint contribution of scientists, politicians, and farmers. Apart from its obvious benefits, ecological farming also manages to revive “dead zones,” which are generally not appropriate for producing various plants. As with the upcoming numbers of ecological farms worldwide, carbon emission rates and nature’s general health is observed to reach positive numbers.

In order to increase the appropriate value of these ecological farms to fulfill their goals, there are many different points that are needed to be taken care of. These aspects, which should be taken into consideration, are what makes ordinary farms “ecological.” The first step of building an ecological farm is to know what its goal, aim, and purpose is. The primary credentials to start an ecological farm are learning, observing, and having the capacity to create such a project that seeks to have a sustainable product cycle. Then, sources needed in order to provide the required materials for the farm should be taken care of beforehand. Being sustainable is not enough for an ecological farm to reach success as it needs to be profitable, organic, economical, and compatible with its surroundings. The main principle of the three Rs should be adopted while setting up an ecological farm, which is “reduce, reuse, recycle.” All wastes that are produced while farming should be taken care of within these codes. Biodiversity is a must-to-have aspect of these farms. Ecological farms have many different kinds of plants, worms, insects, and even animals. The presence of animals such as chickens is some of the healthiest for the future of these farms. The surrounding nature of the farms should have rich diversity as well. Different trees, even some predator animals, are well-respected in these farms. Finally, products received from these farms must be taken with absolute attention as both profit and sustainability of products should be taken care of.

Turkey and Ecological Farming

Anatolia’s fruitful and prospering lands are filled with great farms that produce the best of what mother nature provides us. With a long history of valuable farming techniques and styles, Turkey is rich with its productive farms having unique characteristics of their own. Turkey offers different types of climates and soils. Such richness of natural necessities increases the possibilities of valuable ecological farms. Let us take a further look at some of the best ecological farms in Turkey.

Hasanbey Farm, Bergama, İzmir

Established with Hasan Şentürk’s contributions to provide the healthiest fruits and vegetables for its family, Hasanbey Farm now reaches every part of Turkey. Selling bee as well, Hasanbey farm is an organic and ecological farm in the Izmir province.

Herbafarm, Bodrum

Located in the summer resort of Bodrum, Herbafarm is a very cultured farm producing exotic vegetables and fruits with rich biodiversity. Vegetables such as locust, fig, pomegranate, tangerine, apricot, grapes, bananas, and strawberries are grown on this farm. An additional barn filled with goose, chickens, ducks, and turkeys enriches the value of Herbafarm.

Narköy, Kocaeli

Located just two hours of drive away from the center of Istanbul, Narköy is a vast ecological farm that provides high-quality organic foods. Accepting volunteer advocates to become one with nature between April and December throughout the year, Narköy manages to establish a fantastic experience for their visitors.

Ali Kışlak Forest, Muğla

Only five kilometers away from the famous Saklıkent Canyon of Muğla, Ali Kışlak forest provides different values that no other ecological farms possess. Apart from its natural beauties, you can taste the best of Turkish cuisine, have a day off in one of the rooms, and even have access to free Wi-Fi.

Grandma’s Wonderland, Istanbul

Owning of a wealthy old family who wanted to take a break from the stressful lifestyle of the city, Grandma’s Wonderland posses a history of more than 20 years. With a land of more than 40 thousand meters squared of farm and barns, Grandma’s Wonderland could be your relaxing day off with your family. If you wish, you could even reside for a day in one of the rooms of this wonderful farm.

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