Educate to Children with Special Educational Needs in Turkey

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Special education or training offered to special needs children, usually applied to individuals that differ from their peers in Turkey. These individuals have superior characteristics as compared to their peers and may have various disabilities. Individuals with mental, visual, hearing and physical disabilities receive education in private educational institutions within the Ministry of National Education. In addition, individuals with autism, down syndrome, learning difficulties, language and speech difficulties can receive special education services. Gifted students are also trained in Science and art Centers so that they become aware of their individual abilities. The training of individuals is defined by the Guidance Research Center according to intelligence tests or screening results. Here's what to know about special education in Turkey...

Wonderful Kids Law

The best known special educational practice in the Ottoman Empire is known as Enderun School. It is known that special talented children selected from various parts of the empire were educated in the capital and served in the bureaucracy and army. The benefit of the janissary army, which is composed of the military officers, is accepted by historians. The most well-known application in the history of the Republic is the Law on Wonderful Children. After the World War II in 1948 at a time when economic conditions were pretty bad Wonderful Kids Law also unearthed in Turkey. Thanks to this law, the talented İdil Biret and Suna Kan are sent to France to the Paris Conservatory for education. İdil Biret is known worldwide as a piano artist and Suna Kan is known as a violin virtuoso. Then the law is transformed into a Special Status Regulation and special talented children, especially in the field of pawns, are supported by scholarships. The renowned pianist Fazıl Say is among the beneficiaries of this law.

Individuals with mental disabilities

Individuals with certain characteristics are divided according to age in Turkey. Individuals who are identified as in need of special education are firstly subjected to inclusive education. Thus, they have the opportunity to communicate with their peers. They learn how to work together through sharing, sharing and how to tackle problems. At the same time, the so-called normal students are expected to recognize and learn to live with students in need of special education. Mentally disabled individuals are divided into light, medium and heavy and are directed to classrooms or schools arranged accordingly. It is aimed to gain self-care skills through education and to do some work that can support themselves at later ages. In the recently opened special education vocational schools, individuals with special needs are provided with vocational training so that they can have internship in various fields. In this context, it is aimed to employ students in different sectors by establishing numerous workshops such as office management, accommodation services and textile technology in schools. 50 or more workers to the employer in Turkey, is considered disabled staff obliged to run up to 3% of current employees. In addition, the state provides employment to disabled people according to the results of the online public personnel selection examination exam every two years.

Individuals with autism

The cause of autism is still not fully understood. It expresses the difference in behavioral, communicative and cognitive development of the individual. Disorders such as self-repetitive behavior, change of environment, or indifference to the presence or absence of family members are observed. Special education classes which is opened for children with autism from the Ministry of National Education in Turkey have maximum of 4 students. In addition to the state, many charitable foundations and associations are working to help individuals with autism and raise awareness in society. Tohum Autism Foundation aims to make early diagnosis of individuals with autism and to bring them to society through special education. The Good Doctor, recently aired on the ABC channel in the United States, tells the story from the eyes of the doctor with autism, the lead role in the series. Thus, empathy is given to how autistic people who are more sensitive visually and audibly than normal individuals perceive the world. Miracle Doctor also running a series with a similar name in Turkey.

Down syndrome

There are 46 chromosomes in normal individuals, while there are 47 chromosomes in individuals with down syndrome for unknown reasons. According to their peers, these children have physical, brain and physical developmental disorders. Physically, short fingers, short hands, short neck, wide feet, small nose and mouth, a single line is located on the palm. There are many cafes where people with down syndrome work and are supported by municipalities in particular in Turkey. Individuals are employed here and a new window is opened in their lifes. Down's Syndrome Association in Turkey by supporting individuals with Down syndrome from infancy onwards. It helps to be a part of society.

Science and Art Education Centers

Identifying talented children has increased in recent years in Turkey, thanks to the science and art education center, it is planned to identify, educate and guide these children. Specially talented students identified by exam are provided to receive education in a way that does not hinder their education in formal education institutions. Candidates for the exam are taken to the group screening exam through the digital application on tablet computers. This examination results in children situated on the average of Turkey is subject to individual assessment. According to the results of the individual intelligence test, the student gains the right to register to the Science and Art Center. In formal education, all students receive the same education, while in the science and art education center individual training is provided with small groups of 3-5 people with specially prepared materials. Instead of passing grades and preparing for exams, students are offered special education curriculum. Communication Skills, teamwork, problem solving techniques, foreign language and project production skills are aimed to be developed.

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