Emirati Cuisine: Dubai Food Festival

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Dubai has long been a thriving cosmopolitan hub teeming with opportunity and riches. From world-class shops to luxurious hotels, the glitz and glamour are enough to make any city jealous. But while Dubai offers a vibrant cultural experience, the city's dining landscape has been lacking in some ways. In recent years, this has begun to change. The Food Festival of Dubai addresses four key pillars that help support Dubai as a global food destination – namely rich culinary diversity and authenticity.

Do you love having an amazing experience?

DFF is a culinary hotspot bringing the best dining experiences in the region. It is all about understanding your culinary needs and giving you the perfect dining experience.

DFF promises to be a festival of all things about food, this year with a different approach. The annual festival offers visitors a variety of tasty delicacies from around the world. Dubai Food Festival, the city's prime gastronomic event, is back for its second edition now. Run by Emaar Hospitality Group in partnership with Tourism Development and Investment Company (TDIC), this year's Dubai Food Festival showcases five international chefs renowned worldwide.

Next year, DFF will take place between 3-19 March. It's the ninth annual edition of the festival. Get ready to experience lots of events, masterclasses, restaurant experiences, and more. Over 16 days, there will be loads of cool things to do across Dubai, such as tasting street food to family fare, fine dining, and more. DFF is promising to send foodies home happily with over 3,500 featured restaurants and plenty of more foodie experiences. 

The Dubai International Food Festival is all about celebrating food from around the world. Discover new flavors from all corners of the globe and enjoy a variety of international cuisines from over 200 nationalities. 


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