Exclusive Marinas of Istanbul

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The marina sector shows significant growth potential both in the world and in our country. In recent years, yacht tourism stands out in world tourism thanks to tourists who have shown great demand for yachting activities. It is the basis of the infrastructure including marinas, hospitality businesses, food and beverage businesses that are needed for the realization of yacht tourism activities. The demand for yacht tourism is increasing due to reasons such as the feeling of freedom in individuals, the desire for adventure and exploration, and the desire to be close to nature and history. In our country, Istanbul is considered as an important destination for yacht tourism with high economic benefits.

Developing Sector and Competition in the Mediterranean

As a result of the increasing demand around the world, the revenue from the yacht tourism sector is expected to reach approximately € 80 billion by 2022. The majority of this cake is the Mediterranean Sea. The yacht tourism movements in the Mediterranean generally start from the Western Mediterranean coasts to the East Mediterranean coasts. In this context, yacht tourism routes, that are France, Italy and Spain in the west, are shifting to Croatia, Turkey and Greece in the east. France, Italy and Spain, the world's most popular tourist destinations, meet the demand for yacht tourism in the Mediterranean region by as much as 80%. The remaining is shared by Croatia, Turkey, Greece and North African countries. There is competition among Mediterranean countries in maritime tourism sector, especially in yacht tourism. Countries are building new marinas for mega yachts, while increasing their mooring capacity.

Marina Sector in Turkey

Linking the Asian and European continents and intersection of civilizations, Turkey, attracts attention with its history, cultural and natural charm. The rich cultural heritage, favorable climatic conditions, the availability of quality accommodation facilities, rich cuisine and advanced infrastructure have significant potential for yachting activities. In Turkey, yacht tourism is considered as "blue voyage". Starting from Istanbul, it is possible to visit many natural and historical beauties on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts. In this context, the blue cruise plays an important role in the development of yacht tourism activities. Turkey's most popular tourist area, Istanbul, stands out with Turkey's first mega-marina investments in recent years.

Marinas in Istanbul takes a 25% share of the total capacity in Turkey. The “Teknepark” projects initiated by Ispark, a subsidiary of the Istanbul Municipality, increase the capacity. The newly established marinas in Sarıyer and Tarabya have a mooring capacity of 500 boats. In addition, work is underway to build 9 new marinas. Private sector investments are also underway to meet high demand. The capacities of the existing marinas are being increased and new ones are being established. Here are the exclusive marinas of Istanbul…

1. Ataköy Mega Yacht Harbor

Turkey's first mega-yacht marina, which opened in 2017, Atakoy Marina can provide the 1000 boats’ mooring at sea. At the same time, it can serve at least 12 mega yachts of 40 meters or more.

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Located in a central part of Istanbul, the marina has a wide range of transportation facilities and tourist facilities. Thanks to the harbor, all kinds of maintenance and repair works are provided by spending the winter months of Istanbul in the yachts. With the construction of Ataköy Mega Yacht Harbor, it is aimed to utilize the potential of Istanbul in yacht tourism, which is one of the tourism sectors that generate the most tourist income.

2. Fenerbahçe - Kalamış Yacht Harbor

It is located in the south of Kadikoy and Moda in one of the most beautiful bays of Istanbul on the shores of the Marmara Sea on the Asian side. The binding capacity is up to 1,700, making it Turkey's largest yacht marina harbor, and offers many alternative access roads to the land-sea-rail area. 

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In this context, the port is located in a very central location. During the winter months, guests from Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria come from the Black Sea coastal countries. In the summer months, it hosts mostly yachtsmen from France, Germany and Israel.

3. Marinturk İstanbul City Port

The marina located in Pendik, Istanbul, has a mooring capacity close to 800. It not only serves luxury yacht owners but also small boat owners with an affordable price policy. 

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Located in the new maritime district of Istanbul, Marinturk is located 10 kilometers from Sabiha Gokcen airport and 1.5 kilometers from Tuzla shipyards where modern yachts are built. Various racing events are organized at various times during the year in cooperation with Pendik Sailing Club.

4. West İstanbul Marina

Located on the shore of Yakuplu in Beylikdüzü, the marina has the capacity of tying up to 700 boats. Being first in Turkey to apply "rack park" system for boats up to 7 meters long, land offers the opportunity to connect.

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