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Turkey-Afghanistan relations have settled in, especially since the beginning of the 2000s. The bond of friendship built on peace between the two countries continues. This climate of friendship has been made to feel very good to Afghan citizens visiting Turkey, as a result of which many Afghan citizens want to have Turkish citizenship. In this article, we have provided important information for Afghan citizens who want to have Turkish citizenship and want to get permanent residency in Turkey.

Afghan citizens can obtain a short-term residence permit, family residence permit, student residence permit, long-term residence permit, humanitarian residence permit, and residence permit for victims of human trafficking in Turkey. Persons with a residence permit can enter Turkey without the need for a visa. In addition, if Afghan citizens have a work permit or work permit exemption document, these documents also replace the residence permit document.

If Afghan citizens want to apply for a residence permit in Turkey, they must have a passport or passport substitute documents with a validity of sixty days longer than the requested residence time. Those who want to apply from within Turkey should apply before the visa period expires.

Residence permit applications of Afghan citizens are completed within ninety days. The residence permit is issued separately for each individual according to the purpose of stay and applications.

If Afghan citizens already hold a residence permit, an application for an extension must be submitted 60 days before the expiry of the residence permit. Afghans must have resided in Turkey continuously for at least eight years to obtain a long-term residence permit.

There are several options for Afghan citizens who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship. Persons wishing to apply for citizenship:

should make it clear with his/her behavior that he/she wants to settle in Turkey

must not have a dangerous disease

must be responsible and have good morals

must know Turkish at a sufficient level

must have a profession or income to make a living

should not act to endanger national security and society.

Apart from these, being married to a Turkish citizen for more than three years and investing are also valid reasons for Turkish citizenship applications.

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