First House Sales vs Second-Hand House Sales: Pros and Cons

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Buyers looking for apartments for sale tend to buy mostly brand-new apartments. If you are going to live in the apartment you will buy, this choice is much more attractive. However, new houses having high value can be expensive for those who want to rent. On the other hand, second-hand apartments often become much more attractive while offering a high price-performance ratio for people with limited budgets.

Time Factor

Brand new apartments are offered on a turnkey basis with immediate use. After a short cleaning process, you can easily move in. If you are looking for an apartment for investment purposes, new flats are advantageous in terms of the time factor. Since the construction has been completed, you can take a quick photo for the advertisement and quickly rent your house to its new tenant.

Official procedures

New flats are presented ready-made, with all building and construction permits obtained. You can move to your home with peace of mind without having to take any action such as electrical wiring connection control. You can complete the paperwork at once, and start to live there after the purchasing procedures when you buy a new flat.


Most of the new flats are put up for sale in residence or residence-like concepts within the scope of housing projects. The flats prepared within this framework are generally in the sites with 24/7 security measures. The entrance of any outsider is restricted in these areas. They are monitored by high-tech camera and alarm systems. Besides, these sites have social facilities such as parking lots and large landscaping areas.

The final handover

Acting quickly to hand over projects on the promised date may result in some deficiencies. Problems that arise in the electricity or water installations of the buildings constructed in a hurry, low quality work. Incomplete building permits are some of the most serious disadvantages of brand-new houses. Also, failure of arranging the documents properly or explaining the handover process in detail may complicate the process after the purchase of apartment.

House size

One of the frequently encountered problems in new housing projects or buildings renewed with urban transformation is the apartment sizes. In this kind of projects, 1+1 apartments are generally designed in size equal to studios.

Maintenance of the house

Although some tenants take care of the areas they live in like their own homes, some others may use the apartment quite roughly, thinking that they will leave the house anyway. So, second-hand houses may be worn out.

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