French Balconies

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Nowadays, after the increase in technological opportunities, many new developments are seen in construction areas, especially in residential areas. Especially the changes are occurred in the external appearance of the buildings. The changes in the appearance of our buildings and residences became technological and architectural developments recorded.

Balcony is one of the most important elements of the connection with the outside world where you live. Recently there isn’t almost a house without a balcony. It has been the duty of building companies to create different architectural styles of balconies that allow us to get oxygen in our homes where we spend most of our lives. French balconies, which are preferred homes since the old years, we see them again in our houses together with examples of contemporary technology architecture.

French balconies have been heavily featured in modern home architecture recently. French balconies can be defined as glass front barriers where some tools cannot be used. French balconies, which allow all windows to be opened thanks to these protective barriers, are often used for fresh air.

It is called the French balcony because it is used extensively by the French in their own architecture. This type of balcony is one of the smallest balconies.

This type of balcony, which we often encounter in Beyoglu, one of the historical districts of Istanbul, is actually located in front of the windows. Thanks to the French balconies in front of the windows, we can open the windows called French glass completely.

These balconies are usually wide enough to take a few steps. The standard width of French balconies is less than 50 cm. However, it is possible to place a small table on French balconies in some buildings.

French Balcony and Safeness

French glass balconies are generally designed with aesthetic concerns. Balconies that aren't constructed in accordance with the balcony regulations are the elements that endanger the safety of life. According to the balcony regulation; cantilevered balconies, cornices and roof eaves should only be used as extensions of floor coverings. The free cantilever length should not be more than 1,5 meters. The cantilever length of the cantilevered structures should be at most 1,0 meters. This substance does not apply to buildings with mudbrick walls.

Since the French balcony models have a narrow space, it isn't possible to see a large decoration works. But for the slightly larger French balconies, you can opt for an elegant table with iron legs and iron chairs with colorful cushions.

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If the French balcony in your home isn't big enough to place tables and chairs, you can decorate this area with colorful flowers. You can put flower pots on both the balcony parapet and the floor of the French balcony. When you do this decoration, you should also look at the examples of French style decoration. Renters should take care that the flower pots they attach to the balcony iron don't damage the railings.

These flamboyant balconies have French windows that open from end to end, so it isn't necessary to place a table in the balcony area. you can move this table in front of the balcony by buying a portable table. So you can enjoy the balcony even when you are in the house without decorating the balcony.

In the new Earthquake regulation, the following is explained for safe balconies:

Cantilever-shaped balconies, cornices and roof eaves shall only be made as extensions of floor coverings and the free cantilever length should not be more than 1,5 meters. The length of the cantilevered structures should be maximum 1,0 meters. This substance does not apply to buildings with mudbrick walls.

Small But Glamorous

• The French balcony, which is frequently occured in the buildings in the old districts of Istanbul such as Cihangir, Beyoglu, Karakoy, Balat, is also seen in the newly constructed projects.

• A French balcony is defined as a section with a balustrade in front of it, which opens up one step after the balcony door is opened.

• French balconies, which allow a maximum of one chair and rarely a small table, stand out for their elegant appearance furnished with flowers despite their small size.

The size of the French balcony in the houses may vary according to the design rules. Although there is no standard size, the exit width of French balconies is usually less than 50 cm. However, for the safety of children, the distance between the glass and the railing should be 10 cm so that the child can't fit between the glass and the railing.

• French balconies can't be used within the scope of zoning regulations. Therefore, possible risks should be evaluated while still in the architectural design phase. Various safety precautions should be taken during the construction phase of the buildings.

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