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Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Can I get a Turkish citizenship?

Yes, you can. Turkey is a welcoming country to all foreigners. The conveniences Turkey provides in the citizenship process is also a plus. There are many ways you can be a Turkish citizen, easiest way of all is to purchase a property in Turkey.

What is the minimum amount I should pay for a property in order to be a Turkish citizen?

Properties purchased before September 2018 must be worth at least 1 million dollars however, if you have purchased your property after September 2018, it should be worth at least 400.000 dollars since the minimum worth amount has significantly dropped last year.


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How is my property’s value going to be evaluated for a Turkish Citizenship Application?

Property should be evaluated by value experts and a report is needed for property value evaluation. The said report should be certified and officially recognized by Turkish Government’s related institutions.

How long is the period to prepare my property evaluation report?

It is important for your application process that you should hand in your report in three months from the application date. The report you have provided is going to be valid until the finalization of your citizenship application process.

Is it possible to lower the price of my property’s value on the title deed than its actual value in order to lower the tax rate?

You can not lower your property value. In order for Turkish Government to give you a citizenship, the price on the evaluation report and the title deed must match. If it is not the same price, your property will be rejected on the application process.

Is the price of my property calculated according to the dollar exchange rate?

Yes, the current exchange rate will be used to calculate your property’s worth at the time of your purchase. The fluctuations on the exchange rates before or after your purchase will not be relevant.

Can I purchase a property slightly under 400.000 dollars?

In order to get a Turkish Citizenship you have to purchase a property at least 400.000 dollars. Under that amount is not accepted in the citizenship application process. However if you wish to purchase a property over the specified price, that is acceptable.


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Would it be okay if I paid the amount in cash?

No, cash is not accepted for this type of purchases in Turkey. You are going to have to open a bank account, if you do not already have one in Turkey. The transfer of money from the buyer to the seller should be documented. 

How is my property’s full value going to be confirmed?

The said documents from both the buyers bank and the sellers bank, proving the money exchange from the buyer to the seller should be provided when applying to citizenship.

Can I purchase a property from an acquaintance such as a family member or a foreign friend for the Turkish citizenship application process?

You are not supposed to buy a property from a foreigner. As you are a foreigner yourself, in order to get a Turkish citizenship, you should buy from a Turkish seller, either a person or a company. If you do purchase your property from foreigners, you can not apply for citizenship.

If I bought a property before the Turkish Citizenship Law and were to transfer it to a close relative (my wife & child) and then bought it back to apply for a citizenship would that be okay?

No, it is not acceptable to sell or transfer your property to re-purchase it after the Turkish Citizenship Law in order to get a Turkish citizenship. You will not get a Turkish citizenship regardless of the value of your property.

Can I buy my property by installments and apply to Turkish citizenship with it?

The amount taken into consideration for the application process is the amount you have already paid. So if your installments are 400.000 dollars each, it is okay. However if the total sum of your installments will make up 400.000 and the paid amount would be under 400.000, your application will be denied.

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Is the property ready to sell after I get my Turkish citizenship?

You should not sell your property until 3 years after your purchase. In order to preserve your citizenship you have to hold on to the property for at least three years after the purchase date. When getting your citizenship, you are asked to pledge not to sell the purchased property for 3 years.

Can my spouse and children get a Turkish citizenship after me, when I buy a property and get Turkish citizenship?

Yes, they can. Your spouse and your children of 18 years or under age get to apply for citizenship through your, the property owners application.

Can I apply to citizenship with more than one property?

Provided that the total sum of the properties’ values make up 400.000 dollars at the time of your application process, yes, it is possible to apply with more than one property.

Do I get a Turkish citizenship if I meet all the terms and conditions on the application process?

Government of Turkey studies every investor’s file very carefully. After close inspection the decision to grant citizenship or not will be approved by the Presidency of Republic will be issued.

Is it possible to apply for citizenship through buying a residential or a commercial property?

Any property purchase over the price of 400.000 dollars is accepted in the application process. Apartment, villa, commercial store or any other property is well received so long as it is worth 400.000 dollars.

How long is the period from buying a property to acquiring the Turkish citizenship?

The expected period is 45 days in total. From the beginning of the process, delivering all of the needed documents and until the signing of the approval of granting the Turkish citizenship by the Government of Turkey.

I already bought a property in Turkey, is it possible to apply for Turkish citizenship with it?

If you have bought the property earlier than January of 2017 it is not possible to apply. If you have purchased your property after January of 2017 the limit is 1 million dollars for your property to grant you a citizenship application, if you have purchased the property after September of 2018 the limit is 400.000 dollars in order to apply to citizenship.

Does applying to Turkish citizen through the Turkish Citizenship Law include Syrians?

Syrian citizens can not purchase real estate therefore can not obtain Turkish citizenship through property investment. However they can benefit from other alternatives under this law such as; 500.000 dollars worth of fixed investments, providing jobs for at least 50 Turkish citizens or depositing money worth at least 500.000 dollars.

After investing in real estate and gaining Turkish citizenship, do I have to do military service in Turkey?

If you were over the age of 22 when you received your citizenship, you do not need to serve in the military, but if you were under the age of 22 you are going to be have to do your military service.

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After I get to be a Turkish citizenship after buying a property, will my children over the age of 18 be able to get Turkish citizenship with me?

It is necessary to apply for each child for a Turkish citizenship after the property owner, you get your own citizenship. The same requirements must be fulfilled for each child to be a Turkish citizen.

Can I be both a Turkish citizen and still keep my own nationality after becoming a Turkish citizen through purchasing a property?

You do not have to give up your own nationality in order to be a Turkish citizen. Republic of Turkey allows dual citizenships, you can keep both your original nationality and acquire Turkish citizenship.

Is it possible to give procuration to someone else to submit my citizenship file and keep track of the application process in my place?

Of course. You can work with an agent in Turkish Embassy in your country or you can give procuration to someone or some company to keep track of citizenship application processes at the Notary Public of Turkey.

After getting my citizenship through property purchasing, is it possible to rent it?

Yes, you can rent your property as it is your own. However, do not forget you should not sell your property for at least 3 years in order to preserve your citizenship.

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