From the Beauties of Cyprus to the Wealth of Turkey

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Cyprus is located in Southwest Asia and is the third-largest island in the Mediterranean. 70% of the total population of Cyprus is Greek, and 30% is Turkish. In addition to the influence of the Turkish population in the country, Turkey has also tried to protect the Island of Cyprus for historical reasons. Turkey and Cyprus are perceived by everyone as two brothers. It is seen that these two states, which always support each other both socially and administratively, are also connected in terms of tourism.

 Cyprus, which lives joint administrations, has faced many problems due to the importance of its geographical location and the racial differences in it. His good relations with Turkey, which helped his troubles in the 1960s, got even better. While the years 1963-1974 were very difficult especially for the Turkish Cypriots, thanks to Turkey's material and moral assistance, an unwavering bond was formed between the two countries. This bond turned into tourism profit and investment activities in the following years.

The one-year residence permit law in Turkey for those who own immovable property in Turkey is also valid for Cypriots. Although there are some differences, it is useful to get information from the authorized institutions for the general laws of immovable properties. Commercial real estate investment also falls under an immovable property. For this reason, it is seen that Cypriot investors tend to commercial real estate, especially in Antalya, İzmir, and Marmaris regions, where sea tourism is common.

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