Geographical Regions of Turkey: Mediterranean Region

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With the Taurus Mountains in the north and the Mediterranean Sea in the south, the Mediterranean region is the 5th largest region making up almost 15% of Turkey. With a coast that stretches along the Mediterranean Sea with a length of 1542 kilometers, Mediterranean Region is one of the most refined regions in Turkey with its unique history, cuisine, multicultural structure, and charming beaches. Mediterranean Region stands out from the other regions of Turkey with its high number of tourists received each year, and tourism holds an important place for its economy. Mediterranean Region borders the Aegean Region to the west, Central Anatolia Region to the north, Southeastern Anatolia Region and Syria to the east. Provinces in the Mediterranean Region are Adana, Antalya, Mersin, Burdur, Hatay, Isparta, and Osmaniye. Some other provinces have districts located in the Mediterranean Region: Konya, Niğde, Kayseri, Denizli, Gaziantep, Muğla, Karaman, Kilis. Mediterranean Region consists of 104 districts in total. Its smallest provinces are Isparta and Burdur, and its biggest provinces are Antalya and Adana.

Climate and Vegetation

Along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, the Mediterranean climate is seen in this region. In the Mediterranean climate, summers are usually hot and dry, whereas winters are warm and rainy. Mediterranean Region receives rainfall of between 750-1000 mm every year. In the interior parts of the region, the sub-tropical climate is often seen by the effects of the Taurus Mountains. Taurus Mountains function as a shield against cold winds that comes from the Central Anatolia Region. Due to these features, winter in the Mediterranean Region is the warmest compared to Turkey's other parts.

Vegetation in Mediterranean Region is mainly made out of plants compatible with the Mediterranean climate and dryness of summer. Maquis vegetation makes up more than half of vegetation with its compatibility, ability to stay green, and robust leaves. Plants such as olives, carobs, Myrtus, Laural, etc., are what make up the Maquis vegetation. As the altitude increases, the region's vegetation shifts from maquis to pinoles forests that are more durable to harsh weather. After 2000 meters in the Taurus Mountains, the Alpine tundra, which is also seen in the Black Sea mountains, is seen in the Mediterranean Region.

Agriculture and Husbandry

Farming and husbandry is a significant source of income for most of the population in the Mediterranean Region. Since the summers are long and hot and winters are short and warm, farmers usually have the chance to harvest their crops two or three, even four times a year. Long-dry summers led to an increasing amount of development in irrigation systems. Rivers and newly constructed dams in this region help with the problem of water in dry summers. Mediterranean Region has a wide range of agricultural products with high quantities. It held 100% of banana, 88% percent of citrus, 35% of cotton, 87% of peanut, and 80% of sesame harvested in Turkey. With such high numbers of valuable goods, the Mediterranean people are mostly interested in agriculture.

Husbandry in the Mediterranean region is somewhat higher than expected since it lacks sufficient area required for husbandry. Still, its maquis vegetation that can stay green throughout the year makes it possible for an effective manner of husbandry. Usually, animals such as sheep and goats are generally bred in this region.



In this region, tourism is quite developed and it is one of Turkey's most popular tourist destinations with its convenient climate, natural wonders, cultural heritage, and historical value. Cities such as Antalya, Alanya, Side, and Kaş are the main attractions of tourists with their amazing beaches, historical sites, caves, waterfalls, and more. As tourism in the Mediterranean region continues to increase, demand for real estate grows at the same rate. This region promises a bright future for further property investments. If you wish to make the best of your investment, be sure to contact us. 

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