Hair Transplantation Centers in Turkey

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Health tourism is growing rapidly each year increased by 10% from 5% in Turkey. According to years; In 2015 360 thousand, in 2016 377 thousand, in 2017 395 thousand and 410 thousand in 2018 for health tourism is known to foreign tourists came to Turkey. The most coveted of Health plantation operations, it is possible to make tourism in Turkey. Due to the high incidence of baldness in the country, the necessary procedures in this area are developed rapidly and there are centers that exhibit revolutionary results in hair transplantation. Putting forward the successful result thanks to the quality and high standards in conducting studies, foreign patients entering quest for hair transplantation usually prefer Turkey. Thousands of people come to the country, which ranks first in terms of hair transplantation compared to many countries in the world. Here Hair Transplantation Centers in Turkey...

The operations carried out in a quality center produce quite successful results. In general, these centers of Turkey in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Bursa is located in a large city like. Hair transplantation process, along with the breaks and tests take an average of 7-8 hours. On the first or second day following the procedure, the patient is informed about the necessary care by washing the hair.

Hair transplantation centers usually offer packages for patients from abroad, including welcome, transfer and accommodation. Only for treatment, short-term treatment of patients coming to Turkey for a week we are told that he needs to leave.

Neopital Hair Transplantation & Aesthetics

Neopital Hair Transplantation & Aesthetics, which is frequently preferred by world famous people and media phenomena, is located in Bahcelievler district of Istanbul. Since the day it was founded, all the expectations and requests of the patients coming for hair transplantation have been tried to be met in the center which is introduced in television and newspapers. Aiming to capture a natural hair image, Neopital enjoys serving its guests.

• Aesthetic International Hair Transplantation Center

Among plantation clinical centers in Turkey, it is located in Bursa. Aesthetics International Hair Transplant Center, working with highly experienced experts, is not only capable of hair transplantation but also many aesthetic interventions.

• Hermes Hair Clinic Hair Transplantation Center

Hermes Hair Clinic Hair Transplant Center located in Maltepe district of Istanbul is known as the best hair transplantation clinic in Europe by Die Welt in 2018. The center, which has been providing hair transplantation services for 17 years, pays great attention to innovation. The plantation is located between clinical centers in Turkey, Unique slit made applications with the FUE technique. Hermes Hair Clinic Hair Transplant Center has a retention rate of up to 99% and is said to have never lost hair. Clinic, natural hair appearance and strict hair transplantation is important.

• Transmed Hair Transplantation Center

In the center, where the latest technologies are used in hair transplantation, very successful doctors gather under the same roof. Transplanted hair aesthetically natural and beautiful to stand, the doctors who care about the elongation of health is very successful operations. One of the first uses robotic hair transplantation centers in Turkey, Transmed Hair Transplant Center, is located in Istanbul's Levent district.

• Dr. Muttalip Keser Hair Transplantation Center

Dr. Muttalip Keser Hair Transplantation Center, which is one of the most famous centers in Ankara's Cankaya district, serves only in the field of hair transplantation. 98% satisfaction of the patient return to the centers, since 2003, continues to serve with the highest quality method in Turkey.

• Ento Hair Transplantation Center

Ento Hair Transplantation Center, which provides a sense of trust and quality to its patients with its experienced team, offers a guaranteed hair transplantation. The operation is performed by using FUE technique with two nurses, two patient caregivers and four specialist doctors. Stating that there was no pain after the operation, Ento states that the procedure is permanent. PRP treatment at the clinic located between plantation centers in Turkey, implemented during hair transplantation.

• Clinic Hair-Hair Transplantation Center

Among plantation clinical centers in Turkey, it is situated in the district of Izmir flagged. PRP and Mesotherapy services in the center, Izmir and the surrounding provinces are very popular. The center of Izmir's oldest and most experienced hair transplant doctors has been in service since 1999.

• Natural hair

Naturel Hair, which is one of the most famous centers in Ankara, also has branches in Istanbul and Izmir. In addition to FUE and FUT techniques, DHI technique is also used. Thanks to DHI technique, it is seen as an innovative technology that performs treatment without having to drill holes in the region where hair transplantation will be performed.

• Esteworld Hair Transplantation Center

Emphasizing the importance of sending patients satisfied from the center Esteworld Hair Transplantation Center, not only hair transplantation, but also surgical procedures can be done. Among plantation clinical centers in Turkey since 2004 and provides services in the field of hair transplantation. Esteworld has three branches in Istanbul and has more than 20 doctors in its staff.

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