Historic District of Pre-Modern Dubai

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Dubai is a city steeped in history and legacy, and in addition to skyscrapers, five-star hotels, and beach resorts, the emirate is home to a rich culture that dates back hundreds of years, with much to do and see.

Abra Ride

When you're looking through the remainder of our list of things to do in Dubai, keep in mind that the best way to see Old Dubai is to get lost walking the streets and crossing the Dubai Creek. A trip over the stream is offered from a variety of locations and at various times throughout the day. Embark on an abra, pay your one-dirham fare, and enjoy a unique view of Dubai's most historic district.

Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood

One of the city's oldest historical sites is Al Fahidi, originally known as Bastikiya. It was a commercial center for textile and pearl merchants in the 1800s, located in the shadow of Al Fahidi Fort, which today houses the Dubai Museum. There are art galleries and exhibitions (such as XVA and Majlis Gallery), as well as institutes like the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, which hosts regular discussions on UAE customs and legacy. There are several museums and merchant businesses along the neighborhood’s tiny lanes, so go, get lost for a few hours; you will not be disappointed.

The Dubai Museum

A visit to the Dubai Museum paints a vivid image of the past. The ancient structure has a collection of life-size dioramas depicting Emirati life in the past. Take a trip through traditional sceneries of Arab houses, souks, and mosques, as well as other activities that provide unique insights into life in the desert by the sea.

Dubai Frame

Visitors to Dubai's beautiful landmark may take a one-hour tour of the city's history, present, and future, with spectacular views of both old and new Dubai from a 150-meter-high sky glass bridge.

Indulge in the local cuisine

You'll probably be hungry for lunch after sailing the creek and learning about the city's history, yet dining in Dubai isn't all about Michelin-starred luxury. Prepare to be overwhelmed with options. Restaurants in Old Dubai include classic dining settings and elegantly prepared dishes, as well as old-fashioned Emirati friendliness. The meal itself is nutritious, filling, and flavourful.

Lose yourself in Old Dubai’s souks

The twisting souks are the ideal post-lunch activity. There are three souks in Old Dubai: The Spice Souk, the Perfume Souk, and the Gold Souk. The sights, sounds, and scents at these bustling marketplaces are incredible.






























































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