Hotel Buying Procedures in Turkey

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Turkey is a country full of opportunities where tourism is vibrant. Countless tourists coming here every year make a great contribution to the country's economy. Of course, the most important thing every tourist is looking for is a quality hotel. Quality hotels are the most demanded businesses not only by tourists but also by visitors within the country. Therefore, if you are considering buying a hotel in Turkey, you have made the right decision. In Turkey, where the demand for hotels is quite high, you can make big profits by purchasing a hotel in the right location. Hotels are among the most profitable types of businesses.

Of course, hotel investment is a very good and profitable business, but it requires detailed research. Buying a hotel is not as easy as it seems because if some points are not taken care of, your investment venture can end in disaster. We will talk about the procedures of buying a hotel in Turkey to protect you from investment disasters.

For a building to be operated as a hotel in Turkey, it must be designed in accordance with certain architectural conditions. You should check in advance whether the building you want to buy complies with these conditions. Otherwise, you may need to obtain many permissions after making the purchase, which will be tiring.

The hotel should also not have elements that would endanger security. For example, your hotel should have a fire escape. Besides, hygienic conditions should be provided, toilets should be designed to be used by the physically handicapped. In addition, the dishwashers used in the kitchen should be industrial-type machines. Be aware! Otherwise, you will have to spend money on these changes after purchasing the hotel.

Documents Required to Open a Hotel

Application form

Address document

Deed copy

Building occupancy permit

Fire report,

Registration certificate,

Criminal record

Copy of identity card

After checking everything written above, you too can be a successful hotel investor.

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