How Can a Foreigner Buy Property in Turkey?

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Investment is the best step for a person's future. It is important to make the right investment while taking steps towards the future. Turkey is one of the countries where investments are made. With its natural beauties, it is considered one of the ideal countries to live in. Considering that the investment is shaped according to the welfare level of the country, Turkey's expanding promotion network will positively affect your investment. Although it is generally difficult for a foreign national to buy a house from another country, the legal regulations in Turkey provide convenience.

According to Article 35 of the Land Registry Law numbered 2644, foreign nationals can buy a house in Turkey, provided they comply with legal restrictions. It is not necessary to acquire a resident permit in Turkey to purchase immovable property. You can acquire immovable property even if you don't have a residency permit.

Documents Required When Buying Property

Documentation is important when buying property. Missing a document can make your job difficult or prolong the process. For this reason, it is important to prepare the necessary documents in advance and submit them to the necessary institutions. We can list the necessary documents and things you need to do as follows:

Make sure you have your identity documents or passports with you.

Foreigners whose real estate acquisitions are subject to a residence permit are required to obtain a residence permit issued by the relevant police directorates.

They must preserve the original or a certified copy of the power of attorney, as well as their translation if they act by proxy based on a power of attorney issued from another country.

Before entering into a sales contract, verify with the relevant Office of The Register of Deeds to see if the immovable is registered with limited real rights, if it is mortgaged, or if there is any scenario that prevents it from being sold.

The Most Sensible Investment

If you want to buy property in the most beautiful places in Turkey, you need to choose your investment consultant well. With its wide portfolio, Trem Global offers perfect residences and ensures that your choices are right. You can ask all your questions about investment and build your future with confidence.

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