How Can I Get Permanent Residence in Turkey?

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

People who research permanent residency in Turkey often think that they will witness complex processes. However, there are consulting firms that offer an easy solution to this situation. It is necessary to consult the right investment consultants to make sensible decisions about the country's property investment and turn it into reality. In addition, investors chasing Turkey's attractiveness and opportunities are also looking for ways to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Short Term Residence Permit for Foreigners

Foreigners who will invest or establish a business in Turkey must submit this request. When the necessary conditions meet, short-term residence permits are issued for a period of one to two years, provided that the applicant submits the necessary documents to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. Persons who meet the necessary conditions must provide their residence on the property. If the residence permit is not used within six months, the chance of permanent residency in Turkey will be lower. You should get information from authorized persons for the Turkish citizenship request to be obtained in accordance with different legal bases according to subjects such as education, residence, marriage, and birth.

Long Term Residence Permit for Foreigners

Foreigners who want to live in the beautiful weather of Turkey want to obtain a permanent residence permit as property owners. However, there are certain conditions for this situation. The short-term permit can be used by extending it, or it is necessary to prove that you have resided in permanent residency in Turkey for eight years. If this is approved, you can have a permanent residence in Turkey.

Investment in Turkey and Turkish Citizenship

Investment opportunities in Turkey are usually preferred by people who seek individual peace and those who want to take advantage of tourism opportunities. Investors who know the value of their money and dreams also focus on Turkish citizenship research. You can get information from Trem Global for the process proceeding in direct proportion to the permanent residency in Turkey. You will not postpone your dreams by easily examining the property you want.

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