How Can I Make My House Larger and Bigger

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Before thinking about how to make my house look bigger, we can think about how we should make our rooms look bigger. There is no need to renew all the items in the house to make the room bigger and wider than it is. Instead, by applying simple and budget-friendly methods, you can make even tiny rooms much larger than they are. 

Ways to make rooms larger than they are. 

If you are dealing with a small room, you can start by painting the walls in a light colour. You can paint such small rooms in pink or beige, or you can choose a very light colored wallpaper with stripes or vertical lines. If you don't like pink or beige color, you can choose other pastel colour. Such light-colored paints and wallpapers make the room look more voluminous and the ceiling looks higher. Wallpapers can make the room appear smaller than it is, especially if it has pictures that draw attention.

When you are decorating wallpaper, you can make the room look much larger if you decorate one of the walls in several tones lighter than the others.

If you want to make the room look wider, you can paint the color of the corridor much darker than the walls of the room. In this way, when you move from the dark corridor to the light room, the room will look much larger than it is.

Almost the same method applies for flooring. Dark colors applied on the floor will make the room look small, and light tones will make the room look much larger than it is.

As it is seen, the color of the paint applied both on the wall, the ceiling and the floor is very effective in making the rooms look small or large.

Extend the room with mirrors and paintings

One of the best ways to make small rooms look bigger is to change the room with mirrors or paintings. However, while you are doing this, you should take care that neither the mirror nor the tables are excessively exaggerated.

You should place the mirrors in the room in such a way that someone who looks at the mirror should only see very beautiful items or the landscape in their reflection.

If you prefer longitudinal or oval mirrors when choosing mirrors, you will also increase the height and volume of the room. Likewise, horizontal mirrors will help you make your room look much larger.


In particular, you should try to lighten small rooms as much as possible. You can use spotlights to do this correctly. Thanks to the spotlights, the room will both have a nice depth effect and look much larger than your room.

If you don't like the spotlights, you can use a very thin fabric curtains instead of thick fabric curtains, allowing more light to enter the room.

Very Small Rooms

If your room is too small, then it is a good idea to use midnight blue for the ceiling of the room. In this way, the closeness of the ceiling to the floor will disappear and it will appear as if the ceiling has risen along 2 times more. In such small rooms, the accessories chosen for the room should be placed in the areas closest to the ceiling.

If you choose your decoration materials especially from long and thin materials, your room will appear too large even if your room is small.

How to extend hall?

As you know, the halls in homes usually receive much less light than the rooms, so they always look narrow and dark. However, if the walls of the hall are painted in lighter colors, it may appear larger.

If there is furniture in your hall, this furniture will make the hall look much narrower. Instead, you can use mirrored closets if you want. Because the reflection provided by the mirror will make the room or hall much larger.

Remember, if the wall mirror you will put in the hole is at a point that can also show the main door of the house, this hall will make it look much more stylish and deep.

How to extend the kitchen?

If you have a narrow kitchen and you want it to look much larger, you should definitely decorate your kitchen in light colour. Your kitchen tiles should be both light and bright because the furniture chosen in dark color makes the kitchens look more muffled and narrower.

If you like dark wood furniture more, you should position the kitchen cabinets high in your kitchen.

If your kitchen shelves don't have doors or your cabinet doors are glass or mirrored, this is much better in terms of making your kitchen look wider.

If you don't have a lot of kitchen utensils or if your shelves don't have doors, then you can put flowers on the top shelves and show your kitchen much wider.

How to extend the bathroom?

If your bathroom is quite small then it is best to use a shower cabin. It will also be very useful to use bright and light colors for walls and floors. If your bathroom is really small, then hang a few large mirrors on your bathroom walls. In this way, you can provide both volume and width in your bathroom.

How to choose the right colours?

Especially when you are making interior decorations, you should choose the right colors. When you are choosing a colour, remember that the colour you can flicker with is white. If the main color of your wall is white, it will always be painted more easily to other colors. In rooms with white walls, furniture and fabrics can show themselves much more clearly.

The most important thing that you need to remember is that black color isn't used for any room. Because black will both give the room gloom and make the room much narrower and smaller than it is. Black color should be used very accurately when it used in a room. The entire room shouldn't be black, but it can be decorated in black locally.

Unlike black, it isn't the right decoration choice in very bright colors. Because in a room furnished with very bright colors, a person can feel tired and bored after a while.

If you like to constantly decorate your home with the help of new materials, you should try to choose the colour of your decoration materials from the colors that calm the person. If you want an example of this, you can use cream-colored or even white-colored accessories for a room with a yellow wall.

If you want to reveal the feeling of both comfort and warmth in your room, then you can use yellow, mahogany or red decoration materials.

If you want to create a cold air in the room, then you can use violet-colored, blue or green. However, the most suitable colors for both bedroom and living room are the colors in pastel tones.

If you think which color to choose for the kitchen, then you should stand pat the yellow or orange colors. Because these colors are colors that give people happiness and peace. You should prefer yellow or orange color especially if you spend most of the day in the kitchen. Because you always feel that you are full of energy with these colors.

The most important rule you shouldn't forget is that you should never use more than 3 different colors in a room.

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