How Long Does It Take to Get Turkish Citizenship?

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Many people who want to have one of the most prestigious passports in the world are lining up for Turkish citizenship. Turkey, full of opportunities, offers great privileges to its citizens. In addition, the country's unique nature, four seasons, social and cultural riches make life here more quality and peaceful. Especially in recent years, the number of people who have received Turkish citizenship by investment is quite high. Of course, the questions of those who want to get citizenship are mostly about the duration of the citizenship process. We will remove the rising question marks about Turkish citizenship in this article. Here is everything about the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

Turkish citizenship can be acquired by birth, lineage, marriage, and investment. People who want to obtain Turkish citizenship

must have resided in Turkey for five consecutive years

must make it clear with his/her behavior that he/she wants to settle in Turkey

must not have a dangerous disease

must be responsible and have good morals

must know Turkish at a sufficient level

must have a profession or income to make a living

must not act to endanger national security and society.

Purchasing real estate in Turkey, investing, establishing a business and working registered in a workplace in the country, marrying a Turkish citizen, or applying for citizenship as a family is concrete actions that indicate the desire to settle in Turkey. If the country of origin of the people who want to obtain Turkish citizenship does not allow dual citizenship, the condition that these people renounce the citizenship of that country must also be fulfilled.

If the citizenship applications are in Turkey, they should be made to the governorships where the settlements are located. Applications from abroad are made to the foreign representatives in person or with a special power of attorney regarding the exercise of this right. Applications are not made by mail.

Citizenship applications will be concluded within a period of 6 to 24 months.

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