How to Become a Turkish Citizen as an Iranian

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkey has strong cultural and financial ties as well as long-standing relationships. Turkey received the highest number of real estate investments from Iran, compared to the rest of the globe. They hold the record, with more than 3000 properties bought in 2020. Not limited to real estate, industry and agriculture also seem to attract many Iranian investors to Turkey. This attention from the Iranian people will most likely continue to increase in the upcoming years as well.

Turkish citizenship allows visa-free travel to more than 100 countries and opens new doors to investors. On January 22, 2020, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) announced that Iranian nationals were no longer eligible for E-1 treaty trader or E-2 treaty investor status, which makes obtaining Turkish citizenship a very convenient way of benefiting from these statuses in the United States. Obtaining Turkish citizenship by Persians is made easy by the Turkish government as property investment in the country became the shortest way for it.

Advantages of Being a Turkish Citizen for Persians

Turkish citizenship allows benefiting from all social and legal services offered by the state, such as free education, medical and legal support. The benefits of being a Turkish citizen are listed below.

No residency limit in Turkey

No continuous residency condition in Turkey (You can still live abroad as a Turkish citizen)

Free medical support

Free education opportunities (Including state universities all around the country)

Free pension programs

Easy procedures while establishing a new business line or buying a property

Citizenship right is granted to all family members such as spouse and dependent children under the age of 18

Visa-free traveling with Turkish passport over 100 countries

Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Since 2018, the government of Turkey carries out a new method regarding obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment. These regulations allow all foreigners to become Turkish citizens through financial investment and/or purchase of a property. If you are a Persian who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship, here are the investment options you can choose from:

Depositing a minimum of 500.000 USD in cash to a Turkish bank with the condition of not withdrawing for at least three years.

Investing in a fixed capital investment that is worth a minimum of 500.000 USD confirmed by the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology.

Purchasing Turkish Government Bonds and Bills worth a minimum of 500.000 USD with the condition of not withdrawing the amount at least for three years.

Investing a minimum of 500.000 USD to the Turkish real estate investment trust or purchasing the shares of the Turkish Venture Capital Investment fund.

Apart from these options, you can become a Turkish citizen by property investment in Turkey. The worth of the property must be a minimum of 400.000 USD with the condition not to sell it at least for three years.

Your Trusted Investment Partner

If you are a Persian who wants to obtain Turkish citizenship, you can easily do it by property investment in the country. At Trem Global, we are ready to share our 30 years of experience in investing and property management areas. If you are interested in obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment, you can contact us for details, a roadmap, and full support regarding all legal procedures.

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