How to Become a Turkish Citizen as Arabian

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Turkish citizenship comes with many benefits, especially for Arabians. Getting Turkish citizenship for Arabians is a simple procedure as Turkey and Arabic nations have developed strong bonds over the centuries. Furthermore, Turkey made it even easier to get citizenship for all foreign countries. The grant of Turkish citizenship to foreigners who invest in real estate has increased recognition of the attractiveness of homeownership in Turkey. Furthermore, once the Arabians obtain Turkish citizenship, they can easily obtain visas to Europe. When you obtain Turkish citizenship, you are free to establish a business in the United Kingdom. If you want to get Turkish citizenship, whether to live in Turkey or move to Europe, we'll walk you through the steps.

How Can Arabians Immigrate to Turkey?

You can obtain Turkish citizenship by many methods, such as marriage, financial, or property investment. In 2018, Turkey made new regulations to attract foreign investors. Here are the methods of investment to get Turkish citizenship.

The first method of getting Turkish citizenship is investing a minimum of 400.000$ in a property. It is the most logical way to acquire Turkish citizenship with all the other options, such as cash deposit into a bank in Turkey, capital investment in a Company in Turkey, or purchasing government bond/debt instruments, which require a minimum of 500.000$. If Turkish citizenship is a pathway to the UK, property investment in Turkey is more reasonable than the others. 

Another method is to enter Turkey (1-90 days) as a tourist, student, business, medical, commercial visa, or e-visa(1-30 days). Then, you can convert to a Turkey Residence Permit ID Card valid for 1 or 2 years with no conditions for continued residence in Turkey.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

-According to the Ankara Agreement (ECAA), you are allowed to set up a business in the UK with no restriction. Once you form the business, you and your family will get investor residency. After operating the business for four years, you can get a permanent residence in the UK

-Citizenship by investment takes only a little time, around 3-5 months.

-You can benefit from the trade agreement between Turkey and the USA related to an E2 visa.

-No residency or language is required to become a Turkish citizen.

-Visa-free travel to approximately 110 countries. 

-Free education system and free medical service.

-Free pension programs

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