How to Become a Turkish Citizen as Pakistani?

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How to Become a Turkish Citizen as Pakistani?

Turkish citizenship provides several benefits to persons who desire to stay in Turkey longer than the 90-day maximum. Getting Turkish citizenship for Pakistani is a simple procedure and an excellent way to relocate to Turkey. It provides several benefits, such as free medical care, educational opportunities, and retirement funds. In this article, we have mentioned how to get Turkish citizenship as a Pakistani.

Ways to Become a Citizen

For many immigrants, mainly Pakistanis, applying for Turkish citizenship is a simple procedure. Because of shared historical and cultural experiences, Pakistani and Turkish citizens have a warm relationship. There are several methods to become a Turkish citizen, including birth or adoption, the Turquoise Card System, marriage, financial investment, and property purchase. However, financial and real estate investing is the most frequent method among Pakistani citizens. The investment option enables you to obtain Turkish citizenship, benefit from your investment, and live a comfortable lifestyle in Turkey.

Dual Citizenship

Suppose a foreign citizen who wants to acquire Turkish citizenship accepts dual citizenship of his State. In that case, Republic of Turkey Citizenship can acquire Turkish citizenship by decision of the competent authority if the requirements provided in the Law are met. It should be noted. However, that meeting the needs does not guarantee a person's claim to citizenship. In other words, not everyone who satisfies the requirements may obtain Turkish citizenship. Because it is a problem that touches on the sovereignty of the states in terms of who they will grant citizenship to and who they will not.

Citizenship by Investment

Property investment in Turkey is another way of obtaining citizenship. In the Turkish Official Gazette in 2018, the Turkish government published a new procedure for obtaining Turkish citizenship. New rules make it possible for all foreigners to become Turkish citizens through financial investment and property acquisition. Since 2018, it has been one of the most popular routes for foreigners, primarily Pakistanis, to get Turkish citizenship. You can pick financial investing alternatives or purchase your ideal home to spend quality time with your loved ones.

The following are the required prerequisites for becoming a Turkish citizen by property investment:

You may buy a home worth at least USD 400,000 with the condition that you do not sell it for at least three years.

Purchasing a home is a simple and appealing way for a Pakistani to become a Turkish citizen. By acquiring your desired home, you may not only enjoy the benefits of being a Turkish citizen but also profit from your investment after three years or continue to enjoy Turkey's unique lifestyle.

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