How to Become a Turkish Citizen Through Marriage?

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Turkey attracts many foreigners, especially with the great advantages it has in recent years. The unique nature and cultural environment of the country, as well as the unique investment and job opportunities, have made Turkey a center of attraction for foreigners. The number of people who want to spend their lives here after visiting this wonderful country is not small. There are many ways to obtain Turkish citizenship. One of these ways is to marry a Turkish citizen. If you are going to marry a Turkish citizen and want to acquire citizenship, we have shared important information for you in this article.

The conditions for foreigners to acquire citizenship through marriage are mentioned in Article 16 of the Citizenship Law No. 5901. First of all, you need to know that the marriage of a foreigner with a Turkish citizen does not alone give that foreigner the right to citizenship.

According to the law, foreigners who have a residence permit in Turkey must meet certain conditions to obtain citizenship through marriage.

The marriage of the foreigner who will apply for citizenship with a Turkish citizen must last at least three years

Both spouses must in family unity

The foreign citizen must not engage in any activity contrary to marriage.

The foreign spouse must not act to endanger public security.

Foreigners married to a Turkish citizen can apply for citizenship by going to the governor's office in their city of residence if they meet these conditions. If the spouse who is a Turkish citizen dies after the application, the condition of living together in family unity is not sought.

If a person who has obtained Turkish citizenship through marriage wants to divorce, his citizenship will not be taken away. Divorce does not affect citizenship.

Foreigners who have been married to a Turkish citizen for 3 years have gained the right to apply for citizenship. The death of their spouse does not affect the process. Foreigners who have completed the 3-year marriage process can use their right to apply for citizenship whenever they wish.

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