How to Buy an Apartment in Turkey

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

The interest to Turkey’s real estate market, which recently has become a center of attention for foreign investors, stirs up. Serving as a bridge between Asia and Europe, Turkey has gripped the attention of investors in these last few years. According to Turkish law, your being foreign poses no problem when buying an apartment. Generally, Iraqi, Persian, Kuwaiti, Russian and Saudi Arabian citizens choose Turkey to buy an apartment. When you purchase an apartment that is worth at least 400.000 dollars or several apartments that are worth more than 400.000 dollars summed up, you get the chance to become a Turkish citizen. While the lower limit is 400.000 dollars you can also become a Turkish citizen if you invest higher amounts of money. Investing in the country in the field of real estate, whose value has gone up following the developments in the transportation network, progresses in the health sector and the increases in the entertainment opportunities, has become very profitable. For foreigners, purchasing an apartment in Turkey is easier than ever. The following lines explain how to buy an apartment in Turkey and answers your questions related to the topic.

How Can I find the Apartment I’m Looking For?

After a proper filtering process for you and your budget, you can start researching apartments that are suited to you. In order to find the apartment you’re looking for in Turkey first thing to do is choosing a city; if you would like to live in an urban area, you can settle in metropolises such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir and if you would like a life away from the city rumble you can settle in smaller cities like Bursa, Bodrum and Çanakkale. To find the apartment of your dreams, you can contact Trem Global family and get informed about more than 450 projects and detailed info about the projects in a short span of time. 


Being the center of economics and trade of the country, Istanbul stuns those who see her. Istanbul, leading city in transportation, health services and entertainment, is the city foreigners invest in the most with her varied structure. Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü and Ataşehir are among the most rapidly developing districts in Istanbul. Aris Grand Tower project by Trem Global is also in Esenyurt district. It has an amazing view of Istanbul with a dazzling height of 162 meters. You can move in Aris Grand Tower right away with prices starting from 65.000 dollars. 

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Known as the textile city of Turkey keeps developing every passing day. Catching the attention of the investors in recent years, Bursa manages to impress with her unique nature. 

One of the ideal cities for buying an apartment Bursa’s most profitable districts are Mudanya and Güzelkum. To get information about Trem Global’s projects Paradise Lookout and Güzelkum Unique Villas, visit our website now. 


Among cities that come to mind in Turkey when you think about vacation, Bodrum is loaded with both local and foreign tourists every year. holiday heaven Bodrum, bedazzles investors with world famous beaches. Yalıkavak area, that catches the eyes of the foreign investors is ideal for apartment purchase. Impressing with its beachfront location, you can find our Zeft Golkoy Villas project on our website.

Is it Profitable to Buy an Apartment in Turkey?

The most important reason fort he foreign investors choosing Turkey is that it is possible to buy apartments at reasonable prices and the shortness of the depreciation period. Investors pay really close attention t oto depreciation period of the apartments they purchase. In Turkey depreciation periods vary from 10 to 20 years. Turkey’s continuation of development boosts her apartments’s value up faster. Aside from being a cosmopolitan country, Turkey, having all four seasons is very rich in terms of natural resources. Buying an apartment in Turkey also grants you the right to be a Turkish citizen. And earning the citizenship right comes with advantages. That’s why buying an apartment from Turkey, is providing advantages to both the investors and to foreigners who wish to live in Turkey.

Foreigner who wish to buy an apartment in Turkey should not make a purchase before doing a detailed research about the apartment and its surroundings. Assistance should be requested from professional real estate marketing companies. Trem Global helps you get the house of your dreams with its team specialized in real estate.

You apply to Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre for the apartment you wish to purchase with your identity card or your passport, Residence Permit, your warrant of attorney or a certified copy of your warrant of attorney (if you are using a warrant of attorney). After the application, said apartment is investigated and if no issue is found in the sale of the apartment you can easily buy your apartment. You can get the residence permit from The Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services in the same day you apply for it.

In terms of the legal arrangements, the property size you can purchase in Turkey as a foreigner is limited to 30 hectars. Any more than 30 hectars are not allowed by our country. If you earned the right to become a Turkish citizen in case of a purchase of a property worth of at least 400.000 dollars, you agree to the clause of not selling the property for at least 3 years. In Turkey, in order for a person to get the citizenship, there is no obligation fort hem to live in Turkey, not even for a specific period of time. 

After the Purchase of an Apartment

The biggest reasons for the increase of life quality in the lifes of those who invest in Turkey are stated as developed transportation network, health services, education and economy. One of the things foreigners pay attention to about their investment is the purchased apartments closeness to shopping malls in the district. The state of prosperity is also an important factor. The step after the purchase of the apartment is getting used to the country, and we will be there for you as Trem Global. We guarantee that Trem Global will be by your side for your every need related to your property, not only before but also after the sale.

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