How to Establish a Company in Turkey?

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The Law of foreign Direct Investments is based on the principle of equal treatment and allows international investors to have the same rights and obligations as local investors. Turkey has been based on the ease of doing business with reforms to improve the investment environment has been removed so that it performs bureaucracy experienced in corporate organizations. Costs and procedures are also minimized.

The first thing you should do before starting a company is; a good market investigation. Learn about yesterday, today and tomorrow. So you get lessons from successful people in the sector and from unsuccessful people. You should make a good feasibility before starting a company.

You have decided on the type of company, now you have two registration procedures to be done during the installation process: register with the relevant Chamber of Commerce and get a taxpayer from the relevant Tax Department.

First of all, you need to specify your address as the company. After making the lease, your advisor should have prepare the company's articles of association. At this stage, there are considerations. The company title and the NACE code should be specified. Once your financial advisor has prepared the main contract, you should always check on the contract together.

Then, there's a notary things you need to handle, even if you don't like it. You sign your name under the main contract to be printed at the notary public on your first visit; You will need to prepare a statement of signature and give the financial advisor the authority to establish a company.

Once your financial advisor has received a potential tax number from the tax office, you need to open a bank account in behalf of the company with the articles of association, signature declaration and potential tax number and deposit ¼ of the capital to this account. This money is blocked by the bank until your company is established. Once your company is established, you will be able to use the money.

No longer, your consultant can apply to the relevant chamber of commerce with the file containing the necessary documents for company registration. If there is no deficiency in your documents, the Chamber of Commerce will complete the registration process within a day or two.

When your company is registered with the Chamber of Commerce, you need to go to the notary for the second time. This time you need to sign to prepare the company's signature circular.

Your financial advisor must also have the company's official books certified by a notary public and apply for tax office registration. Your advisor will issue a tax plate at the end of the day. The tax office will check your address. It will ask you to attend and sign the attendance report. If the attendant can't find you at the address, he or she will probably invite you to the tax office for signature.

Type of Company and Capital

If you want to establish a company, you must first decide the type of company. The amount of capital you need may vary depending on the type of company. Companies are divided into three main categories by type. Private, limited and joint-stock company.

How to Establish a Private Company?

Since the establishment and closure of the individual company is easy, this type of company is mostly established. In general, the title of the founder's name and surname is also written. If you please, you can establish a personal company by giving authorization to an accountant with your application.

Documents required to establish a private company

Statement of Signature (from Notary Public)

Attorney of the Accountant (from Notary Public)

Residence Certificate (Available for free from e-state)

Rental Contract (If you own the workplace, a copy of the title deed)

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How to Establish a Limited Company?

The limited company may become sole partner with the new regulations. The maximum number of partners is 50. A capital subscription of at least TL 10,000 is required. Participants should invested more than 25 TL.

Documents required to establish a limited company


Organization Notification Form

Notarized contract

Certificate of residence

Chamber registration declaration

Receipt of Capital Deposit

Rental contract

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