How to Invest in Land in Turkey?

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In the fresh and always developing Turkey, there are many foreign people that tend towards investing in land. With Arabic people at the top of the list, they are researching and investing on available lands. Turkey’s terms and the nature of the land makes foreign investors prefer Turkey. Especially metropolises where transportation network is improved are among the most preferred areas. Since, aside from the transportation network, health, entertainment and similar conditions are among the aspects that raises the value of said lands, foreign investors tend to invest within the scope of these matters. Meanwhile foreign investors’s buying lands in Turkey brings along some advantages too. And in order to do a correct lan investment there are certain things to pay attention to. 

Foreigners’s Buying Land in Turkey and the Advantages of Buying Land

In our country, foreigners can buy land under some certain conditions. The most important one of these is that foreigners can only buy 30 hectares of immovables in Turkey. Besides that, foreigners have the right to own immovables to the limit of 10 percent of the district subjected to private property. The transfer of the immovable property take place with the official document and certificate of incorporation that is signed at The Directorate of Land Registry. The said foreign buyer is supposed to be a citizen of one of the selected countries that have the right to own immovables and estates in Turkey. During the purchasing stage, the foreigner first applies to The Directorate of Land Registry. During the application process, the title deed, an identity card, a document including the current value of the land and if the buyer or the seller does not speak Turkish, a certified translator must be present. The requirement for foreigners to get Turkish citizenship is to purchase land that is worth at least 400.000 dollars.

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Land investment, that enables the investors to gain great profit in the long run, catches the attention of foreign investors. The most important matter on investing in land is the location of the land. Investing in land that is most likely the develop, takes the investment to the top. Especially investing around the metropolitan areas like Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir brings along great profit. Investing in land in Turkey, also grants great advantages to foreign investors. For example purchasing land thats value is higher than a specific amount of dollars, grants foreign buyers the right to get a Turkish citizenship. Another prominent advantage of land investment is not having to deal with issues like rent and dues. Land investor does not have to deal with rentals and dues. All that makes land investment prestigious.

Areas to Buy Land in Turkey

There are some cities, foreign investors have frequently been weighing on lately. These cities have importance with regards to correct investment and are expected to value up in time.


The districts most suitable for land investment in Istanbul are Kayaşehir, Arnavutköy, Çekmeköy and closer neighborhoods. These areas have become favorites in the eyes of investors because of transportation options and other opportunities they provide. Bridges, airports, shopping malls, hospitals and other opportunities raise the value of the surrounding lands on a major level.

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The best districts on land investment in Ankara are the surroundings of Çankaya and Oran. All possibilities in these areas raise the value up of the land. Especially Mustafa Kemal Neighborhood in Çankaya and İlkbahar Area in Oran are indicated as the most valuable in land investment. Ankara’s being the capital city is already one of the most crucial reasons for the areas re-evaluation.

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İzmir is one of the most active cities in terms of tourism in Turkey. That is what makes İzmir so valuable for investment. The best districts for investment in İzmir are regarded as Bayraklı and Bornova. Especially Pınarbaşı Area and Ankara Street in Bornova are among the areas that are expected to increase in value over time in İzmir. Not only in tourism but also transportation, health and entertainment, İzmir hosting all kinds of possibilities rises to prominence in land investment.

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Bursa is one of the most developed cities in Turkey. Rising to prominence by renewing and enhancing itself in time, is centric in terms of transportation. Most valuable districts are Osmangazi and Nilüfer, with increasing value because of their closeness to nearby cities . Especially Demirtaş of Osmangazi and Görükle Quarter of Nilüfer are among the treasured neighborhoods that are expected to raise in value.

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As it is an industrial city and near to other industrial cities, Kocaeli catch attentions prominently for land investment. Gebze area of Kocaeli takes credit for being the best for investment. Among the reasons for Gebze being a valuable district is its closeness to Sabiha Gökçen airport, the ferry line, its being in center in Marmaray and high speed trains plans. With other transportation lines to come it is expected that Gebze’s value will be higher than ever. As a result of all that, Gebze is seen as one of the most suited areas for land purchase.

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Çanakkale also is one of the Turkish cities that has risen in prominence over the years and expected to rise higher in line. After the completion of 1915 Çanakkale bridge’s construction, the surrounding land is expected to raise in value.

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One of the cities foreign investors choose to invest the most, Trabzon distinguishes itself as the dearest of all Karadeniz Province. With its green and blue vista, it catches the eyes of all investors and becomes a favorite for foreigners looking for a breath of fresh air. As one of the metropolitans in Karadeniz, it is developed in transportation, health and entertainment thus the value of land increases year by year.

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One of Karadeniz’s prominent centers, Samsun draws attention from both Turkish and foreign investors. Seen as a center in transportation and health areas in Karadeniz, Samsun’s prime district, Atakum, gains value over time.

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Central in the transportation area, is one of the cities expected to rise in value over time. Draws attention with its sea routes, Yalova continues to add more value to its land with the construction of new bridges. Among the strategic areas, continues to grow in tourism also.


With its developed and still developing industries, is an important city for industrialism. After the advances on transportation, Gaziantep, has made a name for itself in land investment market. Among the favourite cities in tourism, it is expected to rise in value overtime. As a result of all these reasons, Gaziantep is a suitable city for land investment.

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In What Ways Could Purchased Lands Be Used? 

For land that is purchased for investment, its being central is crucial because that is what makes its value rise in time and make it first choice for projects such as housing, hospitals and malls. Therefore, this is the most profitable use of the purchased land. The land can also be used by the investor to build oneself a property. Aside from a detached house, the land can also be used for the constructions of an apartment or a building complex. Land owner, can profit greatly after the construction of ones own building complex or apartment. Aside from all this, the land can be rented as well. The tenant, can utilize the the land according to the matters pointed by the investor. This also brings the investor so much financial profit. 

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