How to Obtain a Work Permit in Cyprus

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The work visa allows foreigners to enter Cyprus to live and work there. However, it’s important to note that the work visa itself does not allow foreign nationals to seek employment in Cyprus. The visa only grants entry into the country.

Foreign employees will require three separate documents if they plan to relocate to Cyprus to work for a company. They’ll need to apply for:

A Cyprus work permit, which gives the holder authorization to work in Cyprus

A work visa, which allows the holder to travel to Cyprus to work

A residence visa, which is necessary for any foreign national who plans to live in Cyprus for more than 90 days.

Requirements to Obtain a Cyprus Working Visa

The requirements for a Cyprus work visa include:

A valid passport

A completed application

Medical and police clearance certificates

Proof of travel health insurance

Proof of sufficient financial means

An employment contract with a company in Cyprus, sealed by the Department of Labor.

The Application Process

The employer will need to prove that there are no eligible job seekers in Cyprus who could fill the position. They’ll also need to get a letter of recommendation from the Department of Labor. After acquiring the necessary letter, the employer should apply for the permit at the Civil Registry and Migration Department.

After obtaining the work permit, the employee should visit the embassy or consulate in their country of residence to apply for a work visa. The applicant can travel to Cyprus as soon as the relevant officials issue the visa.

A foreign employee will need to apply for a residence permit within one week of arriving in Cyprus. To do so, they should visit the local police department or the Central Offices of the Civil Registry and Migration Department. Applicants will need to provide a signature and biometric data.

After obtaining all three of these documents, the employee can legally live and work in Cyprus.

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