How to Obtain a Work Permit in the USA?

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Many foreigners want to go to the United States to work. The US has one of the most powerful economies in the world, and because of that, the country is very attractive to foreigners with the many opportunities they offer. In this article, we will tell you how to obtain a work permit in the US.

Approximately 140,000 immigrant visas are available each year for people and their families who seek to immigrate to the US, based on their skills. If you have the right combination of skills, education, or experience, you might be able to live permanently in the US. The five employment-based immigrant visa categories and the application process for obtaining a US work permit are very straightforward.

Labor Certification

Some visa types require you to have a job offer from an American employer. This employer will be your sponsor. Before a US employer submits an immigration form to USCIS (the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services), they must obtain an approved labor certification from the US Department of Labor (DOL). The DOL certification can be obtained in these cases:

1.     If there are no qualified US employees to fill the position being offered

2.     If hiring a foreign person will not affect the wages and working conditions of American workers who are similarly employed

Permanent Worker Visa Types


You may be eligible for an employment-based, first-preference visa if you are a foreigner with extraordinary ability, an outstanding professor or researcher, or a multinational executive or manager. This visa does not require a labor certification.

There are three different subcategories for this visa type:

1.     Extraordinary ability

2.     Outstanding professors and researchers

3.     Multinational manager or executive

If you are eligible for this visa, you must prove and meet the criteria.


You may be eligible for an employment-based visa if you are a member of the professions holding an advanced degree or a foreigner with exceptional ability. You may need to get a labor certificate for an EB-2 visa.

There are again three different subcategories for this visa type:

1.     Advanced Degree

2.     Exceptional Ability

3.     National Interest Waiver


You may be eligible for this visa type if you are a skilled worker, professional, or other workers. For this category, you also need to get a labor certification.

1.     Skilled Workers

2.     Professionals

3.     Unskilled Workers (Other Workers)


You may be eligible for a fourth preference visa if you are a special immigrant. Special immigrants who are eligible for the fourth preference visa are:

1.     Religious workers

2.     Special immigrant juveniles

3.     Certain broadcasters

4.     Certain employees of the US government who are living abroad

5.     Afghan or Iraqi translators or interpreters

There are more subcategories for an EB-4 visa and lots of exceptions. You must check the USCIS website for detailed information for every category and subcategory.


EB-5 visa type is the one for investors who want to make an investment in the US. They must invest in a new commercial enterprise established by them or invest in a regional center.

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