How to Obtain a Working Permit in Spain?

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One of the most valuable countries to work in, Spain manages to flourish with the countless possibilities it provides to its residents. An apple for an eye for many foreigners all across the globe, the number of people who wish to work and live in Spain continues to increase. With the great values that this land has to offer you, you now have a chance to be one of the lucky people that do their best in Spain. Without wasting any more time, take a closer look at some of the ways to obtain a working permit in Spain.

Requirements for the Working Permit

Even though the requirements you have to fulfill if you wish to obtain the working permit for Spain differ from type to type of your admission, there is a general set of generalized requirements. Before you apply for the permit, you’ll have to own a passport, medical certificate, no criminal record, and proof of the job you’ll be doing in the country. Applying for a visa and a permit via the Spanish consulate or embassy where you live, you’ll have the chance to obtain the work permit. There are several different ways to obtain permits for different work areas in Spain.

EU Blue Card

People who are experts with more than five years spent in a specific work or have at least three years of education on a subject that declares them as a professional are eligible for obtaining the EU Blue Card. Valid for only one year, the blue card can easily get renewed by the owner. One of the key points of obtaining an EU Blue Card is to earn 50% more than the average wage of Spain. If each requirement gets fulfilled and documents are done, EU Blue Card owners will be able to work in Spain as they wish if they own a visa too.

Au Pairs

A special program, including many different households, works along with many possibilities, Au Pairs is available in Spain as well. To be eligible for Au Pairs, you’ll have to be between 17-30, possess an Au Pairs agreement with the host family describing the details of the job and the wage, proof of a sustainable number of finances to support yourself, and a medical report. If you maintain all of the requirements for the Au Pairs, you’ll be able to obtain a working permit as well.

Visa for Highly Skilled Employee and Seasonal Workers

To work as a skilled employee or a seasonal worker in Spain, the employer will need to administer an application to the Ministry of Labor. Only if there isn’t an available work candidate within the EU, these people will have the chance to obtain the working permit. Taking much time to be evaluated and approved, you’ll need to make a plan before applying for such a permit.

Freelancers and Self-Employed People

If you’re able to provide documented proof of sufficient finances to make a living in Spain, skills and experience, a business plan, a contract, and a license for a job, you may obtain a working permit. With the countless different ways to obtain a working permit, you now have a valuable chance to take a step into the future.







































































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