How to Obtain a Working Permit in the UAE?

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As a rising ground for developments, United Arab Emirates continues to shine with the great opportunities it manages to provide for many bright minds. Combining the greatest aspects of wealth and technology within its borders, UAE sure is a place where anyone can beam success into their lives. With such opportunistic possibilities, amount of people who wish to work and reside in the country continues to increase. Let us take a further look at how you can obtain a working permit in the UAE. 

 Required Documents to Obtain a Working Permit

Even though you’ll first need to have a residence permit if you wish to obtain a working permit in the United Arab Emirates, there is a basic set of required documents that you must fulfill. The most necessary ones are a valid passport and its photocopy, passport photos, an entry permit received from the Ministry of Labor of the UAE, results of medical examinations, a copy of the company’s contact received from the employer, and finally a copy of the company’s commercial license. If you can provide each of these documents to the respective consultants of the United Arab Emirates, you’ll be one step closer to owning the permit. 

General Process of Obtaining a Working Permit in the UAE

There are three stages that you will have to go through if you wish to obtain a working permit. First, you’ll have to get an employment entry visa. Referred also like the pink visa, your employer must first apply on your behalf to the Ministry of Labor of UAE. If such approval is received, the employer will submit their employment contract to the ministry. Joint with your signations, you’ll have two months to enter the UAE if you receive the entry permit. After that, you’ll have to obtain the Emirates ID. You’ll have to obtain the ID so that you could get through medical screenings and then obtain the residence permit. To apply for the ID, the employee will need to apply to the Emirates Identity Authority center along with their entry visa, original passport, and a copy. 

After everything is set, you will now be close to obtaining the working permit for UAE and living the life of your dreams. With all three required documents, you’ll apply for the residence visa, and if you get accepted to such a visa, your work permit will be accepted as well. With everything set, you now will live the life of your dreams. 

Things to be Considered

Policies that the United Arab Emirates has for foreigners continuously change to enrichen the country itself and provide only the best there is for the brightest people. Enhancing the experiences that everyone could get in this nation, its government manages to make decisions that will further increase the number of valuable people they receive. If you wish to make the best of your future and work with the best, make sure to contact us. 


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