How to Study Abroad in the USA?

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The USA is a land of opportunity in all respects. If you want to study and aren’t sure where to go, the USA is the right place for you. It hosts the most successful and prestigious universities in the world. The majority of universities in the top 500 in the world rankings are also in the USA. Since the USA receives many immigrants, students who study here will have both a quality education and the chance to get to know different cultures. In this article, we explained how to study abroad in the USA.

Admissions to the US State and Private Universities

Although the admission requirements of each university vary, the main requirement is to be a high school graduate. Students can study in any department they want at state or private universities. In the USA, the Federal State devotes significant resources to education; however, the states regulate education. The administration and parliament of each state determine that the state’s education system and budget, providing financial support to schools. Each state has at least one state university and/or college and at least 4-5 private colleges or universities. In the state universities, the prices are low, but the quality is not compromised. Fees are low because these universities receive more financial resources from the state budget. When accepting students, public universities usually give priority to students who live within their own state borders. However, in recent years, many state universities have been welcoming international students.

Educational Program Types in the USA

Some colleges provide Associates’s Degree and 2-year education. Most of these universities are private. Transfer to 4-year colleges and universities at the end of two years is made according to the student’s grade point average. Most of these are private colleges, and at the end of two years, the transfer to 4-year colleges and universities is made according to the grade point average of the students.

Community colleges are 2-year public colleges affiliated with local governments. The purpose of Community colleges is to meet the educational needs of the people in the states and the personnel needs of the employers. Tuition fee is very low in these colleges. Students who have completed 2 years can transfer to 4-year schools.

Undergraduate education in the USA takes 4 years. Approximately 30 different courses are followed in the 4-year education. A student who follows additional courses in the summer months can complete his education in 3 years. In the American system, students take knowledge and culture covering general courses in the first two years. The specialties are followed in the third and fourth years. There is no central selection and placement system for admission to American universities. Students apply to schools and departments one by one. Entry requirements vary from school to school and from department to department.

A student who has a 4-year undergraduate education from American universities can apply to CPT (Curricular Practical Training) and have the opportunity to work up to 20 hours a week during his education. Students can apply to OPT (Optional Practical Training) just before graduation and receive a document that will allow them to work 40 hours a week, which will be valid for the year after graduating.


Conditional Application

Some colleges provide conditional admission for students whose general academic qualifications are sufficient to enter the university but do not provide language proficiency. The conditionally admitted student must submit the IBT Toefl result to the university he was admitted to before the academic year starts.

Direct Placement

In this type of placement, students who have a sufficient level of English language and academic qualifications can apply for undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral education with all their documents at least 6-8 months before the semester they want to start.

Placement while doing the Academic Language Education or Pre-MBA, Pre-Master Program

English language, Pre-Masters, and university preparation courses are given in many centers in the USA. While following these courses, students are placed in universities and colleges that they also visit and approve by the school they teach. In this form of placement, which is recommended for students who are inadequate in terms of academic knowledge or English, the student will be able to interview with the officers of the department they want to go to and will be able to find a suitable college.

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