Ideal Sectors Which Can Be Invest In Turkey

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Articles especially changed for foreigners; It has been popular recently. There are many foreigners who request services for the right investment in Turkey. You should definitely work with a company of invesment advisors to invest in Turkey and to move prudential in Turkey.

Turkey is an ideal country thanks to both the population of 80 million and investment quality and the young workforce. Moreover, incentives are provided to foreign investors, tax breaks, conveniences like free land allocation also makes it attractive to invest in Turkey.

As per 2019 Let's look at the best and most profitable investment areas which will be invested in Turkey. Here are the ideal sectors you can invest in Turkey.  

Construction and real estate

Building trade and real estate sectors are among the most important sectors that sustain the Turkish economy. Especially real estate and building trade is very much alive thanks to growing population and urban renewal projects across the country in Turkey. For this reason, we can say that the building trade and real estate sector will be attractive options for investors for a long time.

6% of housing sales were made to foreign investors as per September 2017 in Turkey. This is expected to increase gradually. In addition, foreign investors also don't have to get a Residence Permit in order to purchase real estate in Turkey. Investors who purchase at least 400,000 dollars of real estate are also confered Turkish citizenship.

textile and Garment Industry

China has an important place in the world textile market. However, Turkey's textile and garment industry are rich maintain quality, sources of raw materials. It has many advantages due to reasons such as responding to special demands, flexibility, geographical proximity to high demand regions such as the European Union and the Middle East. Therefore, investing in the textile and garment sector is sensible in Turkey.

In addition, thanks to the new incentive program, which is expected to come into force in 2018, some new incentives were offered to people who will invest in the textile field, in addition to the existing incentives. Accordingly, many extra incentives will be given to investments in textile areas, especially in Eastern provinces of the country.

Informatics and Technology

Turkey began to give attach importance to technology-based research and development in recent years. Today, there are many university technology centers in Turkey. There is great convenience for investors to invest in technology in these areas.

Especially, Turkey is a very attractive country for people who want to invest in areas such as software development, biotechnology, nanotechnology. Although there are many domestic and foreign companies operating in this field in Turkey, there is still shortage in this area and great opportunities.  

Tourism and Hotel Management

Our country has important features in terms of tourism potential due to its relative and absolute location. Coastal tourism has developed thanks to located in the temperate zone and surrounded by the sea of three sides, fulness of sunny days.

Anatolia has hosted different cultures from past to present with its different geographical and geomorphological landforms, natural spring water, plant cover and animal diversity. Turkey has become a center of attraction in terms of tourism thanks to historical and archaeological remains and monuments from Anatolia.

health and Thermal Tourism

There are many geysers in our country. Turkey is a hot spring heaven which is among the few countries in the world in terms of geothermal richness. (Görsel 5.9). there are over 1,500 hot springs, the temperature of which varies between 20 and 110 degrees, thanks to its rich mineral riches.

Many tourists from around the world and Turkey visit the facility where this healing waters.

Our country has reached world standards in terms of medical health services in recent years. Every year, many tourists visit our country for hair transplantation, aesthetic operations, dental treatments and other treatments.

Energy and Natural Resources

The energy sector is a very important sector in order to carry out almost all economic activities without any problems. It is expected to invest $ 130 billion to close the Turkey's energy sector deficit. Turkey attaches great importance to this sector. This can be understood from the comprehensive incentives it offers in the field of energy and natural resources. Some of the incentives that investors can take advantages of hydroelectric energy, wind energy, solar energy, natural gas, bioenergetics and geothermal energy are as follows;  

VAT Exemption

Exemption from Duty

Tax Break (40%)

Employer's share of social security premium (7 Years)

Interest Support (max. 700.000 TL)

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