Investing in Residential Real Estate

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Over the decades, real estate has proven to be the best performing investment, far outperforming all other assets. Currently, residential real estate achieves the best performance among all investments, with a return based on rents reaching 7.05%.

Unlike equities, the risk of real estate investments remains very low, at a time when their return is higher. It makes real estate the safest and most efficient investment. To diversify the risk of a portfolio, investing in stone offers a better alternative.

Current Situation of Real Estate Investment

Interest rates are currently at their lowest level, which makes it possible to acquire real estate on advantageous terms and guarantee a higher rental profit compared to other assets. But to succeed in investing in real estate and having a high return, it is advisable to seek the help and advice of experts in the field, who assist the investor in the search for the suitable property, its acquisition, and its management.

Placing your money in a savings account or securing assets like federal bonds is an unprofitable operation. At a time when rental investment offers a more attractive palliative solution with a duo of security and guaranteed return over the short and medium-term, as well as the long term.

Indeed, collecting rent is the way to have cash regularly. On the other hand, in the event of resale, the investor can realize a capital gain which will increase the capital initially invested. To ensure the profitability of the property, it is necessary to ensure its maintenance and improvement to adapt it to the needs of the market. It is also important to respect the regulations in force in terms of leases and to respect the requirements of the tenants, without omitting the determination of fair rents.

Good Knowledge of the Market

Mastery of the market makes it possible to choose the right property in a good location and at a fair price. It provides a level of security for proceeding efficiently and being methodical in the choice, purchase, and management of the property. Hence the importance of benefiting from the support of a professional during the purchase process.

You may face a seller who considers their property more privileged than it is. By having an investment specialist at their side, the investors can more easily detect the true from the false and benefit from a better defense of their interests.

Everything You Need to Know About Residential Real Estate Investment

Investing in residential real estate can be complex to understand. Trem Global, with its professional advisors, always meets the needs of its clients by offering a diverse portfolio. If you want the best return on your investment, come to our office or contact us through the website.

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