Real Estate Property Investment in Trabzon

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Trabzon is a recent favorite of global investors thanks to its climatic conditions, natural beauties and investment potential. It is the second most developed city in Black Sea region and a leading agricultural center in terms of tea-leaves and hazelnut production. 

Housing prices have increased due to the growing demand created by Arab investors. A 28.3% increase rate is observed in the past three years while an 82% increase rate is discovered in the past five years, affecting Ortahisar district the most. The average purchase price of a 100 square meter property changes between 155.949 TL and 259.900 TL in 2020, showing a rising tendency compared to the prior year. Additionally, residential prices have been rising up steadily since the establishment of Ordu-Giresun Airport in 2015. Trabzon took fifth place among other cities in Turkey in terms of real estate prices and real estate agencies within the city multiplied by 300% in 2017.

Being a popular tourist destination and hosting 5-star hotels, Yomra district is another favorite of foreign investors in terms of both residential and commercial investments. With the tourism sector gaining importance in Trabzon, investors’ eyes have turned to hotel investments more than ever. Residential projects are also popular due to the greenery surrounding the city and the magnificent view houses have to offer. As the survey area of the city is wide enough to host spacious buildings, the residential projects of Trabzon promise good results. 

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