Investment Process for Turkish Citizenship

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Turkey cuts the limits with changes made in September 2018 and facilitated the acquisition of Turkish citizenship by naturalization 400,000 USD in cash gains on real estate investments for new buyers. This right is provided with lifelong minimum amount to be paid in advance from Turkey to gain citizenship, 2 million dollars for invest, 1 million dollars for Real Estate Investments. While 3 million dollars for bank deposits, foreign investors can have the same rights as other Turkish citizens when they invest at least 400,000 dollars in real estate. Turkish Citizenship applications can be made for all real estate purchases after 18.09.2018.

Application Process for Turkish Citizenship 

When you purchase a real estate worth at least 400,000 USD, your application for Turkish citizenship will be processed by applying to the General Directorate of Land Registry. The agency checks whether the purchased real estate is worth at least USD 400,000 and gives 3 or 7 days for the initiation of citizenship proceedings. The Capital Markets Board shall verify that the purchased house or housing is at least USD 400,000 by a report from a licensed real estate appraisal company. In order to gain Turkish citizenship, the investor must obtain this report. A report from any real estate agent or consulting firm is not valid. Trem Global can get the report requested from the real estate appraisal company for you during the investment process. After the application has been approved, the immigration office must apply for a Residence Permit. An application is made to the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs on the same day, after the approval of the Immigration Service together with the confirmation paper and residence permit. All of these processes are followed by Trem Global at the Citizenship Information Offices in Istanbul and Ankara. Applications are completed within 45-60 days.

If you don’t have time to come to Turkey, giving power of attorney to a trusted consulting company for Turkish citizenship can be started operations before coming to Turkey. When you become a Turkish citizen, you don’t have to waive your existing citizenship. Depending on their state regulation, Turkish law permits dual or multiple citizenship.

Becoming a Turkish Citizen Through Investment

  1. Opening a bank account: A bank account is opened on behalf of the investor.
  2. Investing: The necessary investment transactions such as title deed transfer, cash deposit, purchase of government bonds / shares are realized.
  3. Residence Permit: Applicants must obtain a residence permit to apply for citizenship. Since your citizenship process lasts between 45-60 days, you and your 1st degree family members are granted a residence permit on the same day without any waiting period as soon as your application is approved.
  4. Application for Turkish Citizenship: After you are obtaining a residence permit, you can apply for Turkish citizenship. There has to come to meetings or stay in Turkey during the application process, without also giving Turkey a reliable proxy consulting firm for citizenship, the process can be started arriving in Turkey.

Required Documents for Application by Investment to Turkish Citizenship

• Application form

• Identity document of the state you are a citizen (passport, identity, birth or birth registration sample, etc.)

• 4 passport photos of each family member.

• Birth certificate.

• Residence permit or valid tourist visa registered in your passport.

• If you are married, your wife/husband and your children under the age of 18, if any, must be accompanied by the original proof of identity and family connection ( Marriage certificate, marriage certificate, birth certificate for children).

• Address of residence in Turkey.

• Payment receipt for application.

• Evaluation report.

• Receipt of payment of USD 400.000.

• Commitment to purchase deed or notarized property.

For All Family Members to Become Turkish Citizens 

If you buy at least $ 400,000 worth of real estate, you, your husband/wife and all children under 18 can be Turkish citizens. Only one person or first-degree relatives (husband/wife and children under 18) can get citizenship for a title deed. Children over the age of 18 are not eligible for citizenship. You can only obtain Turkish citizenship by certifying that you are in need of care for your disabled child older than 18 years.

Multiple Real Estate 

For the acquisition of Turkish Citizenship, more than one real estate can be purchased and invested as 400.000 USD. The important point here is that the real estate purchased must be filed at the same time. If the total value of the houses declared to the General Directorate of Land Registry exceeds $ 400,000, the application for citizenship is accepted.

Real Estate Appraisal Process 

In order to become a Turkish citizen through investment, the real estate appraisal experts shall verify whether the real estate fee exceeds USD 400,000. The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization requests the annotation for sale from the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre. The payment of the purchased house or houses is made to the landlord by bank transfer.

foreign Exchange Differences Between USD and TL

Recorder of deeds, when calculating the value of immovable USD denominated currency, the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey on the date of the transaction accounts through effective selling rate.

Duration of Citizenship Procedures 

If your documents are complete, the applications will be completed within 45 to 60 days after the start of the citizenship application process. The Turkish government is working hard to shorten this time and opens Citizenship Information Offices in Istanbul and Ankara.

Security Investigation

If the ratification process in the Turkish Citizenship confirmed by the national security archives, if you don't pose a threat to Turkey's national security and you can be precise Turkish citizen if you fulfill all the requirements.

commercial property

You can buy housing or commercial real estate (commercial buildings, factories, shopping centers, oil offices, hotels, warehouses, restaurants, hospitals, educational institutions, plots, fields) with a minimum total value of 400,000 USD. You can even start your Turkish Citizenship Application process by buying a commercial property with guaranteed rent.

Military Obligation

If you have a child under the age of 18, he is obliged to do military service when he reaches the military age. If they have dual citizenship, they can do military service in one of the two countries of nationality. If he had done military service in one of the two countries and it can prove to the document, he will be exempted from military duty in Turkey. Persons over the age of 22 should ask the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs about their military obligation.

The Status of the Stateless

If you are'nt a citizen of any country, a statute proving your statelessness, which is a travel document issued by the United Nations, ends when you buy real estate with a value of at least 400,000 USD. Stateless persons can become Turkish citizens through real estate investment.

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