Istanbul Districts Guide for Real Estate Investment: Çatalca

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Çatalca is the largest district of Istanbul in terms of surface area. It was a city center established on the western border of Istanbul. Çatalca district, which Istanbul residents prefer for a daily holiday and weekend getaway, is a district that offers a peaceful and calm atmosphere away from the city center.


The settlement in Çatalca dates back to 2000 BC. As a result of its strategic importance due to its location in the west of the city, Çatalca has witnessed migrations, invasions, and attacks throughout history. For this reason, Çatalca has experienced a dynamic process in terms of settlement and culture in its historical development.

It is understood from the caves in Inceğiz Village that Çatalca and its surroundings have been a settlement area since the Thracian people, the first indigenous people of Thrace. Inceğiz Caves were places where those who escaped from sectarian fights in the Early Byzantine Period took shelter. Çatalca was taken from the Byzantines by Murat I in 1371 and joined the Ottoman lands. After that, 2 different cultures, 2 different ways of life and settlement emerged in Çatalca. Muslims and Greeks settled in different neighborhoods.


If you want to go to Çatalca by using public transport, you can transfer by metro, metrobus, Marmaray and ferry lines. Using any of these transportation options, you need to transfer to the bus line 401, which provides access to Çatalca and its central villages.

Social and Cultural Life

Located on the Black Sea coast, Çatalca district is one of the holiday stops, close to the city center. Çatalca, one of the daily excursion tours and weekend holiday routes for Istanbul residents, is full of beaches where you can swim, trekking areas where you can go hiking, museums where you can witness the history, picnic and barbecue places, and beautiful villages. There are adrenaline-filled activity options such as ATV safari tours, trekking, horse riding, paragliding, and diving in Çatalca villages. There is also a cultural center in the district where various theater plays and cinema screenings are held.

Demographic Structure

As a result of the treaty signed in 1924, the Greeks living in Çatalca and its surroundings were sent to Greece. Immigrants from Naselic, Drama, Serez, Demirhisar, Langaza, Romania, and Bulgaria came to this region. Çatalca, which was given the status of a province in 1924 during the Republic period, became a district again on June 26, 1926.

During the National War of Independence, Çatalca was the base of the resistance forces. Immediately after the National War of Independence, the Greek peasants in Turkey migrated to Greece, and the Turkish peasants in Greece migrated to Turkey with the refugee exchange agreement with Greece. Today, the population of the district is 74,975.

Property Prices

Çatalca is full of new housing and investment opportunities these days. This unique region attracts people with its location outside of the city and not too difficult to reach the city center. With the opening of Istanbul Airport, Çatalca has now become an important investment area of ​​the city. Although housing prices vary in the district, Çatalca is a center of attraction since it is more affordable than most parts of Istanbul.

The average price per square meter of housing in the Çatalca district is 3,285 TL, and the return time is 24 years. The average price of a 100 square meter house in the district is between 246,400 TL and 410,700 TL. In the rental housing market, the regional average for 100 square meters is 1,121 TL.

Mansion Çatalca

Mansion Çatalca Project, which has been implemented on a large area in Çatalca, consists of 3 + 1 triplex villas of 250 square meters. The project is an excellent investment thanks to its proximity to the mega projects in the city, Istanbul Airport and Kanal Istanbul. The project, which has 24/7 security service, promises a very comfortable life, especially for families.

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