The Reasons Why Istanbul is an Excellent Choice for the Business Word

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Fascinating people with its nature, history, and cultural beauties, Istanbul is a very attractive city also for the business world. Not only was Istanbul a trade center in ancient times but is also a convenient city to do business earning top dollar to the business from all around the world. It is the best city to start a new business, cooperate with other companies, and look for new opportunities.

In Forbes Magazine’s list of The Best Cities to Live and Work in Turkey, Istanbul ranks number one. There are many reasons why The Mega City is advantageous for the business world.


Spread across two continents, Istanbul is the first choice of investors and businesspeople who want to invest in the country from abroad. Thanks to its geopolitical location, Istanbul is a common meeting point for businesspeople from all over the world. Besides, most of the sea trade in the country belongs to Istanbul thanks to the Bosphorus.

Demographic Structure

Istanbul is Turkey's most populous city and it also has the highest number of well-trained and well-qualified workforce. Besides, the number of startups that are the new favorite field to work for educated young people is constantly increasing so Istanbul is the best city for those who want to join these startups or to invest in these businesses. Thanks to these startups, venture capital also shows a noticeable increase in Istanbul. Also, by creating a market, the crowded population

makes the Mega City the most advantageous city in terms of business opportunities.


Istanbul has the largest economy in Turkey. It makes the most contribution to the country's GDP with a rate of 31.2%. The biggest part of industrial labor is employed in Istanbul. There are many business lines in Istanbul from textile to food, from metal to the automotive sector. Istanbul is home to the country's fastest growing market for investment and business.


The Mega City is the business capital and largest industrial center of Turkey. Thanks to these features and its location, the headquarters of multinational companies are located in Istanbul. In other words, Istanbul is also a center of attraction for people who want to work with international institutions. This is one of the factors that make Istanbul the perfect city for the business world. With its location, population, economy, and natural and historical beauty, Istanbul is the excellent city in Turkey to live and work. This charm of the city continues to attract people interested in business, both at home and abroad.

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