The Highest Buildings in Istanbul

The Highest Buildings in Istanbul

The Highest Buildings in Istanbul  

The highest buildings in Turkey are located mainly in Istanbul. These gigantic buildings, which increased in number with the acceleration of construction activities in the 2000s, add splendor to the face of Istanbul. Metropol Istanbul ranks 24th among the highest cities in the world, according to the data of the International Skyscraper Data Bank Emporis. In this way, Istanbul that won the title of the highest city in Europe, skyscrapers are used as holding, bank administration buildings, hotels, shopping centers, offices, hospitals and residences. Istanbul has many complex buildings with its towers and green areas surrounding it. Here are the highest buildings in Istanbul…

1. Skyland Istanbul

Skyland Istanbul is a Residence project. It rises right next to Seyrantepe TT Arena Stadium. The building, which has two towers of 287 meters, takes its place among the tallest buildings in Istanbul.

2. Istanbul Sapphire

Sapphire has left the privilege of being the highest building in Istanbul to the newly built skyscrapers. It attracts attention with its 360 degree city view. The building, which is used as a residence and shopping center, is 261 meters long. It is located in the Celiktepe neighborhood in Kagıthane district. Istanbul Sapphire embraces the whole city with its 64 floors.

3. Istanbul Tower 205


it is one of the metropolitan financial center locations. located in levent. istanbul tower 205 is preferred by those seeking comfort in business life with its modern and central office projects. the 52-storey building is one of the highest buildings in istanbul with a length of 220 meters.

4. leopardus

The production of Leopardus was completed in 2015. It is considered to be one of the highest buildings in Istanbul with a length of 178 meters. The Leopardus hotel consists of a small bazaar with residences and office blocks. The building, which has a construction area of ​​200 thousand square meters, is located in Atasehir. The giant building has 48 floors.

5. Akasya Shopping Center and Tower

In the European Property Awards 2012, it won Europe's Most Successful Project in the Best High Rise Architecture category. Akasya Shopping Center and Tower is located in Uzunçayır on the Asian side. Consisting of 55 storeys and 173 meters in length, it has 250 stores and 1,357 salable units. The Acacia building consists of three stages: Koru, Lake and Kent Stage.

6. Sisli Plaza

Sisli Plaza is located in the district of Sisli in Istanbul. It is among the tallest buildings in the city with a length of 170 meters. Built in 2007 by a large construction company, the building has 46 floors. The construction area of ​​Sisli Plaza corresponds to 104,444 m2. Sisli Plaza consists of three blocks in a huge area. These; It is known as A, B and C blocks. A and C blocks are used as offices and B blocks are used as residential units.

7. Zorlu Levent 199 Plaza

Zorlu Levent 199 Plaza is located in the district of Levent. It was built in 1995. In 2010, the project received an architectural office award in the European and Africa Property Awards competition. In 2012, Turkey's most successful real estate Investments was awarded second prize in the category of the competition office. This building, which is one of the tallest buildings in Istanbul, consists of 42 floors with a length of 170 meters.

8. Nurol Life

Nurol Life rises as a single tower of 220 meters in Istanbul. It is located next to Türk Telekom Arena Stadium. Located among the tallest buildings in Istanbul, the building has sunbathing areas, an outdoor pool, an inner garden surrounded by greenery, a SPA center, barbecue and restaurant areas.

9. Spine Tower

It maintains its majesty with a height of 202 meters in Istanbul's financial center Maslak. The Spine Tower has 51 floors.

10. Anthill Residence

Anthill Residence is located in the district of Bomonti in Istanbul. The 195-meter building has 54 floors. Located in one of the oldest residential areas of the city, this building offers apartments for sale and rental as well as hotel service.

11. Varyap Meridian A Block

Varyap Meridian Grand Tower, Turkey's first green mixed-housing project; and is 192 meters long. The tower rising in the Barbaros neighborhood of Batı Ataşehir consists of 61 floors. The project is also one of the first buildings to implement the concept of floor gardens.

12. Renaissance Tower

The building, which is 186 meters long, is an office tower consisting of 44 floors in total. In the entrance and first basement, there are restaurants and social living areas that serve the building. Renaissance Tower is located in Kozyatagı-Atasehir on the Asian side of Istanbul.

13. Isbank Tower

Isbank Towers are considered to be one of the tallest buildings in Istanbul. It consists of 52 floors with a length of 181 meters. The towers, whose construction lasts 5 years, are located in Levent region of Besiktas district. It is known that Isbank Towers, consisting of three skyscrapers belonging to Is Bank, were completed in 2000 and formed the tallest buildings of Istanbul until 2011.

14. Allianz Tower

It is among the highest buildings in Istanbul and its length is known as 185.5 meters. Allianz Tower is located in Kucukbakkalkoy neighborhood of Ataşehir district of Istanbul with its 44 storey structure.

15. My Towerland Tower

 My Towerland Tower was built by one of Turkey's largest business man. It is located in Ataturk Quarter within the borders of Atasehir. Considered one of the highest buildings in Istanbul, the building measures 181 meters and consists of 52 floors.

16. Palladium Tower

Palladium Tower iss located in the district of Ataşehir in the Anatolian side. It is located opposite the Palladium Shopping Mall. The building, which is an A plus office project with different characteristics, has a length of 180 meters and has 43 floors.

17. Aris Grad Tower

Aris Grand Tower is located in Esenyurt, one of the developing parts of the European Side. The white-collar workers prefer 43-storey residence for their residence projects, which are preferred by foreign investors due to their proximity to shopping centers, education and health institutions.

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