Largest Trading Partners of Canada

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Land of the midnight sun, the possibilities, and opportunities that the free lands of Canada have the offer for the people of our world are limitless. Providing a strong amount of contribution to the well-being of the earth, Canada manages to achieve and break a set of milestones each year to advance humankind into a bright future. Working collaboratively with only the best, they manage to enhance the very meaning of cooperation as a whole. An important trading partner for countless different nations all across the world, Canada is ranked as the 13th largest trading country in the whole world. Addressing the basic set of needs that many nations have, Canada also contributes to them with its massive and strong economy. Let us take a closer look at the trading partners of Canada there is and what Canada manages to provide and buy for/from them.

Top Export and Import Goods of Canada

The leading force of Canada’s imports has been cars for a very long time. With a value of 28 billion US dollars, cars manage to be the most valuable import that Canada has. Followed by car parts and accessories by 20 billion US dollars, the third most valuable import of this country is the trucks by 15 billion US dollars. Followed by crude oil, processed petroleum oil, phones, computers, medications, and gold, the imports that Canada exceeds are over 670 billion US dollars.

With strong values of consistency and power among many nations, Canada is a leading trade partner of many different countries with its limitless possibilities. Leading with the value of 68 billion US dollars, crude oil is the most important export that Canada has to the whole world. Followed by cars with a value of 41 billion US Dollars, Canada exports cars as much as it imports. Exporting gold, processed petroleum oil, medications, sawn wood, and many other mechanical parts, Canada’s total export value is estimated to be over 680 billion US dollars.

Trading Partners of Canada

Making up 75% of Canadian exports, the United States of America is the leading trading partner of Canada. Followed by China, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Mexico, Canada sure is a strong financial power. The most important trade partner of Canada is the United States as they manage to contribute to each other in the best way there possibly is.  

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