Largest Trading Partners of UAE

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World’s one of the wealthiest nations and the leading financial power of the Arabian Peninsula, UAE is among the world’s biggest economies out there. The cradle of countless bright investors and entrepreneurs, milestones this country achieves each year amazes everyone with its value. Gaining its wealth from various sectors and fields, the UAE has many significant trading partners that enrichen its value. Let us take a closer look at some of these partners.


With the largest percentage of a trade by 13.9% that the UAE has, China is a strong trading partner of the United Arab Emirates. With strong commercial bonds throughout history, these two countries manage to provide what’s only the best for each other. Primary products traded between these two countries are heavy machinery, textile, metal, and plastic products, along with a portion of chemical substances.


One of the leading trading partners of the UAE, India, and UAE has a convenient and effective means of transportation and a line of supply for each other that increases the value of their partnership a lot. Influenced highly by the relation each country has with the other, bilateral relations between these countries are expected to improve in the following years. With 11.7% of trade in UAE, trade between UAE and India mainly consists of precious metals, textiles, food, and petroleum.

United States of America

Both a leading name in the imports and the exports that United Arab Emirates has, the USA continues to shine and prosper as a financial powerhouse in the whole world. With the continuously improving bilateral relations between each other, they promise a bright future together. Mostly made out of machinery, electricity, transportation, and chemical equipment, the US sells a large portion of mineral products as well.  

United Kingdom

With some bitter past between the relations of these countries, their economic partnership manages to prosper each year. Mainly consisting of gold, precious metals, transportation devices, small machinery, and food products, these countries contribute to each other’s economies greatly.


A pioneer of new advancement and innovations across the globe, Germany is among the most important suppliers and contributors of the UAE’s finances. A strong trade bond could be easily seen between these two nations, and they manage to strive for the better each year. Assisting themselves at every occurrence, trade between these countries generally consists of machinery, electronics, chemical products, and metals. 

UAE’s Important Export Partners

Primary services and products that the UAE export to foreign countries mainly consists of petroleum, mineral fuels, precious metals, transportation equipment, and metals. Exporting a great number of products to its import partners, the UAE supplies many Arabic countries as well. India, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, and Oman are some of the biggest export partners of the UAE, manage to keep a steady relationship with the nation. Achieving great goals each year, UAE is ought to give success another meaning. 


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