Latest Residential Projects in Dubai You Should Know About

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Dubai is the most popular of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is famous for its exclusive and unprecedented residential projects. Also, there are astonishing and majestical ultra-modern architectural works in Dubai, as it is known for its rich, luxurious, and comfortable life. Especially nowadays, there has been intense interest in Dubai, and many people prefer to live in Dubai. In this article, information is given about the most recent unique residential projects that should be known in Dubai. Let's examine the creative and distinctive residential projects in Dubai together.

Reva Residences

Reva Residences is located at the center of a premium lifestyle. The project is located very close to the famous boulevards of the Burj area, the excellent shopping centers, and the world's tallest and most famous tower. 1-bedroom and 2-bedroom apartments of Reva Residences have been meticulously designed by emphasizing luxury and comfort. Reva Residences aims to increase your quality of life with all the facilities it provides. 24/7 security and concierge service is provided at Reva Residences. In addition, it is a project with high investment value thanks to its privileged location. All the facilities of a luxurious and reliable life are available at Reva Residences.

Heights Residence 

Who wouldn't want to start a day above the clouds with a brilliant view of the Persian Gulf and Palm Jumeirah? Heights Residence designed dream apartments and created a new living space. Height Residence's 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments are designed in a spacious way for a comfortable life. Thanks to the glass balconies, Dubai's sparkling sunlight will illuminate apartments. Your new living space, which you have dreamed to be by the sea, is waiting for you at Heights Residence.

Lake View

Lake View is located where city and lake views are intertwined. You can enjoy the fascinating views created by the lake from the spacious balcony of your home. The project has all the facilities necessary for a social life. Lake View is located very close to the Dubai Metro station. Besides, the project is located just minutes away from all the luxury restaurants, innovatively designed shopping malls, and cafes in Dubai. You can experience Dubai's famous city life comfortably thanks to the opportunities offered by Lake View.


Farmhouses are not just a project, it is life itself. It is located in the center of green, blue, and peace in the city. Everyone's dream farmhouse has been brought to life in Farmhouses with all its beauties. Every detail of the project is designed to surprise you and collect happy memories. Water Town at Hills area with its latest technology wave simulator, water park, and more are at Farmhouses for your action and pleasant moments. There are North American and European-style farmhouses in this project. European-style farmhouses include horse and farm animals stables, an exotic flower garden, and a tent area. North American farmhouses have a cinema area to enjoy the outdoors, a place to light a fire, horse stables, and other areas inspired by the Wild West.

Just Cavalli

Just Cavalli is one of Dubai's luxury and exclusive residential projects. The villas in the project have an innovative and unusual design. Just Cavalli's world of luxury includes first-class social facilities. The project has a fitness center with the latest technology equipment. In addition, facilities such as a jogging track, tennis track, pool, and spa are provided for a healthy and sportive life. All villas of Just Cavalli are designed as 3-bedroom and have a roof terrace. Pleasant and serene life intertwined with green is waiting for you in Just Cavalli.


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