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Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

As Trem Global we provide local and foreign investors with legal support and consultancy services about legal disputes they may face, during or after the process of acquiring properties in Turkey. With lawyers within our partner firm IBA Hukuk, specializing in the real estate law;

We closely keep track of the legal procedures regarding our native and foreign customers’s property acquisition.

We provide you with the right solutions and support you about immovables preliminary sales contract, property law, acquisition of the immovable property regarding the sale of the immovable according to Turkish law.

We provide you with real estate financing and valuation consultancy services for the immovable that is to be invested, in order to look out for our clients benefit.

As Trem Global team, we serve our foreign customers in Turkey in their native language and support them on any kind of issue resultant of any conflict on Penal Law or Turkish Private Law.

With the new regulations brought on the Turkish citizenship Law, we not only support our customers on property purchase in order to get Turkish Citizenship, but also provide legal support on the process of taking Turkish citizenship.

We support you about the collecting of debts, if any kind of right to claim resultant of any governmental institution (İski, Sgk, Bedaş etc.) and other third parties is found after the acquisition of Turkish citizenship.

Concerning our customers’s business operations that have been engaged in or about to be engaged in, since the foundation of the company, company adversary, commercial contracts you are going to sign with third parties, we support you in all aspects with lawyers specialized in commercial law within our partner firm IBA Hukuk.

We provide support according to business law regarding issues resulting from legal procedures of any kind of employees working in the companies of our customers.

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