Leading Supermarket Chains in Turkey

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Many supermarket chains effectively operate within the borders of Turkey. Mostly original Turkish brands, there are additional foreign chains having a dominant power in the supermarket sector as well. These successful and deeply rooted brands achieve significant accomplishments each year by providing high-quality service. Let us take a closer look at some of the leading supermarket chains in Turkey.


Standing for Birleşik Mağazalar (Turkish for United Stores), BIM is a Turkish pioneer of discount store concept with its limited range of products served at low, competitive prices. This retail company was founded in 1995 with an entrepreneur initiative, opening 21 markets in their first year. Turkey’s leading retail company, BIM owns more than 7,000 stores operating in Turkey as of 2019. There are also more than 500 BIM markets operating outside Turkey. BIM’s primary goal is to provide the cheapest products with the highest quality in the easiest way possible to their customers. Their branches are known to have simple decoration and coloring. Not lending any franchises or privately owned branches, each store of BIM is owned by the company. In addition, BIM holds Turkey’s first private label product solely produced by BIM, Dost Süt.


One of the leading discount store firms, A-101 reaches a record-breaking number each year, having more than 10,000 stores as of 2020 January. Established in 2008 with 121 stores, A-101 had continuous growth and success with their competitive prices. As A-101 sells commonly-owned brands, it also owns numerous private labels such as meat products, milk and dairy products, drinks, dried nuts, margarine and oil-based products, sweets and chocolates, cleaning products, and cosmetics. With its online shopping opportunities as well, A-101 is one of the leading supermarket chains in Turkey.


Established by the initiatives of Migros company, ŞOK entered Turkey in 1995 with 13 stores. Each ŞOK store was renovated in 2011 from scratch as it was bought by Yıldız Holding from Migros Trades. This discount store has reached incredible levels of success and profit after its renovation and has more than 7,500 stores all over Turkey. Along with its private labels, ŞOK also manages to offer electronics and various products to their customers from time to time.


Originating in Switzerland, Migros is one of Turkey’s oldest and biggest leading supermarket chains. Initially, Migros brand entered Istanbul in 1954 by the contributions of Istanbul’s Governor and Mayor, Fahrettin Kerim Gökay. Not being able to reach levels of great success during its initial times, Migros was bought by famous Turkish company Koç Holding in 1975. Following the 1990s, Migros started to shine as it was established in various parts of Turkey, providing high-quality products at reasonable prices. Migros has a different store set up from location to location. M Migros only provides only basic needs, MM Migros has a more extensive range of products, MMM Migros has textile, electronics, books, and additional foods, and 5M Migros is essentially a big mall having other brands and stores inside as well. Currently owned by different companies, Migros is one of the most successful supermarket chains in Turkey.


Established with the contributions of Turkish Sabancı Holding and French Firm Carrefour, it was the first supermarket in Turkey. One of the most successful supermarket chains of Turkey, CarrefourSA continuously achieves great goals. Sometimes offering luxurious products, CarrefourSA manages to provide countless types of products to everyone.

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