Love and Marriage in Turkey

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Turkey is surrounded by sea on three sides. Each side is beautiful, each view is fascinating in this country is experiencing a different love. There are many places where the lovers can spend time together and refresh the love. Marriage inevitably form the final stop of this association in Turkey. 

Love is defined by humans as a spirit adventure in which bumpy fights, storms, anger, affectation, exuberant feelings, passion and vows follow one another. In Turkey, it made with daisy ''love or not love'' fortune, love when people understand that he also is a way to love and love has become a charming faith. The petals of daisies are cut off one by one, in order ‘’love’’ or ‘’not love’’ ve and the last leaf that is left is considered as the answer to the question. The last word is ’’ love ’’and the person is relieved.

One of Turkey's best-known poet Nazim Hikmet Ran love poems from the 'Come to my city Dear' contains verses best summarize the concept of love for the Turkish people.

Come to my city Dear (Sehrime gel sevgili)

Come to my city, dear.

Come out tomorrow.

Come on, I'm waiting.

Come to make this city understand your steps.

Come on, this city is no longer my hatred.

Come and let me breathe.


In Turkey,‘’living together‘’concept does not seem very appropriate. Although it is unobtrusive in some districts, Turkish people generally attach importance to marriage. People who think that love is transient and marriage is permanent, believes that marriage can continue as long as respect continues. Marriage for the Turkish people is the sharing of the safety and happiness of the nuclear family established with the children with the elders of the family and the pleasant conversations and hospitality. marriage of people under the age of 18 in Turkey comes to child abuse, although not legally appropriate. Only 17-year-olds are allowed with the consent of their parents and 16-year-olds are allowed with the consent of their parents and court orders.

The conditions for couples to get married start with the requirement that the man propose marriage to the woman. The adventure continues with the acceptance of the woman. Marriage proposal followed to henna night, engagement, wedding, honeymoon.

Marriage proposal

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Turkey is seen as a great choice for marriage proposals. There are even organizations carefully prepared by the companies for marriage proposals in the city. On these special days, fireworks, waterfalls and supernatural landscapes in various districts, luxurious restaurants, concerts, places with fascinating Bosphorus views, balloons with bird's eye view of fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, and luxury hotels can be used.

Henna Night

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On the night of the henna night where the sadness of the girl to be married leaves her home, the groom and the bride's family members and close friends gather together and sing and apply henna into the hands of the bride-to-be. At the henna ceremony, the bride candidate sits in the middle of the women in her red dress, singing and turning around with the candles they hold.

Wish and Promise

The groom's family and family elders go to the bride's house and ask their parents for permission to marry. ''With the words of the Prophet, the command of Allah'', we ask your daughter to ask our son.

The Turkish coffees made by the bride candidate are served. It is only expected that the groom candidate will drink it by adding salt and various spices to his coffees ''I would drink if it was poison from your hands''. This situation, which has become a humorous tradition, is still done in almost all requests. In the promise ceremony, rings are usually worn by families on the day of request. And the chosen eldest takes the first step of the spouses by cutting the red ribbon between the rings.


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Turkish people, before the wedding, engagement rings are worn and danced before the wedding is held in plenty of ceremonies. Cocktails or dinner can be served upon request. Wedding rings are worn by one of the elders of the family again cut the red ribbon tied to the rings to express their good wishes for marriage.

Marriage contract

Marriages are marred by civil servants in the marriages of the municipalities in the presence of witnesses. After obtaining the consent of the witnesses, the wedding officer declares the couple ’’partner'' and presents their marriage certificate. As stated in the Turkish Civil Code, a marriage must be officially recognized for legal recognition. Apart from this type made no marriage is not considered official and is not recognized in Turkey.

Wedding Party

After all the steps related to marriage are taken, wedding organizations begin. Generally hotels, large restaurants, meeting rooms and country gardens used for such occasions host wedding organizations. Decorated by the bride and groom's decorations, a party is organized between certain hours to include dinner. In this party, where the bride and groom are obliged to play, their tiredness has become a tradition. Even brides who do not play at their wedding are thought to be a little reluctant to marry. This wedding organization can be combined with a marriage contracting. The wedding officer is called to the wedding place before the wedding is done. Then party begins.


holiday which is usually called the honeymoon on the night of the wedding or on the next day, when the couples celebrate their marriage. At the end of this holiday, spouses are starting to make a life together in their homes.

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