Luxury Apartments in Nicosia and Their Price Ranges

Why Do You Need to Buy a House in 2022?

Nicosia, a city where many different religions and races are blended, attracts everyone’s attention with its rich environmental factors. The city described as a safe place in the world, is also on the first choice list of those who want to move.

Factors Increasing the Housing Prices of Nicosia

Although the housing prices are more expensive than this, there are changes according to the location. Prices vary, especially depending on whether there are museums, shrines, or community centers. It is beneficial for people who want to buy or rent a luxury apartment, flat and determine their budget. Prices of apartments or flats in Nicosia may vary depending on the following situations:

Prices increase in locations close to historical places.

There is an increase depending on the proximity of the central location.

If the design of the houses is included in the prices, the price increases.

The number of rooms and garden preference also change prices.

However, thanks to its geographical location and city planning, it is on the list of places to live happily in the world.

Price Distribution of Nicosia Luxury Apartments

 Selling prices for luxury apartments in Nicosia depend on the location. Price per square for apartments in city center is around €1,900 while the price per square for apartments outside the city center is around €1,350. The lease option is either monthly or annual. But the rental rate is lower than the sales rate.


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