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Turkey, which is making significant strides in its political and economic growth, is home to many visitors and expats. Expats from the United States travel to Turkey for a job, education, or leisure. Turkey is vibrant with a wealthy background, offering a unique blend of Islamic customs and western feelings. With a thriving economy and a growing tertiary sector, Turkey is well-known for accepting many expats in search of attractive career possibilities. In this article, we have mentioned moving to Turkey as an American.

Choose A Destination

Turkey has several expat hotspots. Despite its beauty, most foreigners prefer the Aegean and Mediterranean shores. Working expats favor significant cities like Ankara and Istanbul, while pensioners and the rest of the population prefer coasts with a strong expat community.

Healthcare in Turkey

When you relocate from the United States to Turkey, you will learn that the healthcare system there is vastly different from that of the United States. There are no general practitioners, to be more specific. As a result, in an emergency, any legal resident or citizen can directly refer to a necessary professional. Expats with a valid one-year responsible residence permit can apply for a public healthcare insurance program. The quality of healthcare services varies significantly between cities. The majority of expats choose private healthcare insurance. Doctors in private clinics in Ankara and Istanbul are highly skilled and have years of expertise.

Get the Visa

Citizens of various nations do not need a visa to visit Turkey for a short time. If you plan to go from the United States to Turkey for fewer than 90 days, you may apply for a tourist visa as long as your stay involves business, tourism, sports, or cultural events.

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