Meeting Point of Water and Harmony- The Dubai Fountain

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The highest structures in the world, luxurious hotels, cutting-edge shopping centers, residential towers, and great tourist sites are available in Dubai. The magnificent Dubai Fountain is one of the most famous tourist and local attractions in the city. The Dubai Fountain is a must-visit location in the city and has many surprises. You should read our informative article on the Dubai Fountain to cover the time and place of Dubai fountains and other entertaining things you need to know before you visit the city!

Facts About the Dubai Fountain

Thousands of frequent spectators recognize the Dubai Fountain as the world's most remarkable musical fountain. It is positioned between the Souk AI Bahar and the Dubai Mall at 30-acre Burj Khalifa Lake in Dubai City. The designers created the fountains at Bellagio in Las Vegas.

The fountain has a length of 900 ft, corresponding to two soccer fields. It is unusual in its design consisting of five rings, two arcs, and strong water wells that take the water down to incredible heights. The Dubai fountains are unique.

Nearby Attractions

In the area of the Dubai Mall fountain, there are several attractions and things you can do. It's 0.2 kilometers from the Burj Khalifa observation deck. You can spend time with your family or friends on the upper deck. The Dubai Opera is 0,2 km from the fountain. The site of performing arts. The Dubai Aquarium and the Underwater Zoo are excellent choices for your family. Another site to visit is the Edutainment Center KidZania at the Dubai Mall. Dubai Ice Rink is the ideal location in Dubai Mall for skating ice. You can also shop in the largest retail center in the world, within walking distance.


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