Most Important Advantages of Investing in Turkey

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In addition to its natural and historical beauties, Turkey also attracts the attention of the world with its investor-friendly atmosphere. Every year, countless investors seize investment opportunities in this unique country and achieve great success. If you are thinking of embarking on an investment adventure, there are countless opportunities for you in Turkey. So, what advantages will you enjoy when you invest here? Continue reading our article for the answer to your question. Here are the most important advantages of investing in Turkey.

Opportunity to Benefit from the Developing Economy

The Turkish economy has been showing stable development for a long time. With economic growth of 11 percent in 2021, the country achieved the highest performance among G20, EU, and OECD countries. Developments in the economy also create a safe and opportunistic environment for investors. You can benefit from the advantages of the developing economy by investing in Turkey.

Access to Large Markets

Thanks to its location, Turkey is a country that has contact with many markets. Many markets from Europe to the Middle East are just one step away from the investors in Turkey. In addition, the country's domestic market offers numerous advantages for investors.

Access to Skilled Workforce

One of the important factors that determine whether a country is suitable for investment is its workforce. Turkey has everything it needs to be in an efficient working environment with its young population and qualified employees.

Tax Regulations

Turkey, which is among the few countries in the world with a foreign investor-friendly atmosphere, is becoming more attractive for investors with tax regulations. For example, joint agreements between countries have been signed to prevent foreign investors from paying taxes to their own countries and Turkey.

Turkish Citizenship

By investing in Turkey, you can have a passport that offers visa-free travel to countless countries and the opportunity to live in this unique country. You can become a citizen of this wonderful country by investing at least 500 thousand dollars, creating employment for at least 50 people, or purchasing real estate for 250 thousand dollars.

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