New York City’s Massive Open-Air Food Market: Smorgasburg

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A lot of people ask about “What is Smorgasburg anyway?” It is an open-air food market. It is taking its origins from Williamsburg in Brooklyn, which is located at the East River. An empty lot is chosen for the Smorgasburg to occur every Saturday, although it is currently limited due to the Covid pandemic.

In this exciting and unique open-air market, dozens of vendors offer mesmerizing cuisines. The foundation of this organization can be traced back to 2011 and two names: Jonathan Butler and Eric Demby. The idea was created to find a solution for the limited space of the city and the unavailability of space for many vendors. Brooklyn was chosen thanks to its affordable prices and good location.

While investors were worried, Smorgasburg idea is loved by the masses. Small size and innovative foods were all over the place, and the organization quickly became a popular event by thousands of visitors. It was so popular that some of the vendors were able to make enough money to gain a brick-and-mortar location!

Let’s take a closer look at what can be enjoyed within this event.

Truffle Fries

Some people may not know about it, but truffle is a wild fungus growing in soil and can be gathered at certain times. Truffle is well known for its original taste and ability to give unique, exceptional tastes to different foods. This goes for potato too, of course! Potato made with truffle oil is a fantastic taste, and you must try it out if you ever visit Smorgasburg.

Ice Cream Sandwich

Let’s face it. It is simple and delicious at the same amount, right? Ice cream sandwich is an awesome dessert, especially if it is made with homemade cookies and sea salt. Adding some delicious syrup wouldn’t hurt either. Being one of the most popular desserts of the Smorgasburg, ice cream sandwich is a delightful choice.

Brisket Sandwich

Being one of the many gifts presented to humankind by Smorgasburg, Brisket Sandwich is something to remember for a lifetime! Made with Angus beef, salt, pepper, and 16 hours of smoking over mesquite wood, this is an amazing combination of food. Simple but deadly delicious, the exterior of the sandwich is caramelized into a crispy black, a night to remember indeed! The meat is tender but still firm. Not to mention it is amazingly affordable!

New York City has a lot to offer. From investment to tourism, experimenting with a new lifestyle, everything can be found within this city.

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