One of the Most Known Places in Madrid: Puerta del Sol

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Point zero and the most known place in Madrid, Puerta del Sol, is certainly the heart of Madrid. Claimed to be one of the most known places in Madrid, Puerta del Sol holds great value for the people of Spain with its rich past. Facing countless important events thorough history, Puerta del Sol managed to maintain its value until today. Let us take a further look into the amazing details that this square possesses. 

History of Puerta del Sol

Originating from one of the main gates that gave access to Madrid in the middle ages, Puerta del Sol, later on, gained an ever-lasting value as the city of Madrid continued its growth. Because Puerta del Sol was the gate of the city which was stationed to the east, it was named as “Gate of the Sun”. 

Square especially gained the value it has between the 17th and 19th century with the construction of the House of the Post Office in 1768 by renowned French architect Jacques Marquet. As Puerta del Sol became the common ground for countless couriers that transferred news and letters across Europe and the world, many people sought time and business in the square to get the latest news about the world and Spain in the fastest way possible. With the everlasting effect of such high output of human traffic in the square, it received great attention from many people, along with government officials and investors. 

Managing to quickly spiral out of just being an “ordinary square”, Puerta del Sol essentially became a central hub for financial business, carriers, celebrations, tourists, and governmental business. As the center of many governmental structures, historical monuments, businesses, and Madrid, Puerta del Sol is one of the most known and important places in Madrid. 

Important Sights in Puerta del Sol

Puerta del Sol is filled with many fascinating landmarks known both in Spain and across the globe, as it is full of people throughout every day of the year. These sights increase the immense value that Puerta del Sol possess. The post office of Puerta del Sol that we have previously mentioned in this article is currently used as the office of the President of Madrid, which is an important landmark that should be seen. There are two historic plaques stationed in front of the Royal House in the Puerta del Sol, one standing for the victims that rose against the Napoleonic Invasion of Spain in 1808 and one other for the people who lost their lives during the March 11th, 2004 attacks. In the southern part of the square, there’s a mounted statue of Charles III of Spain. Point zero plaque inserted at the center of the square is one of the most well-known sights in this square, and many other countless buildings and sights hold immeasurable historical value in this square that everyone should one day pay a visit to. 


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