Online Shopping in Turkey

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In the course of the last twenty years, everything that we do in our daily lives has gone through drastic changes. Influence and the rapidness of the internet establishes a unique and different way of doing our daily paradigms. And shopping, received its fair share of change with the prevalence of the internet. Shopping became an act of satiation as it was a chore of necessity and need before the commonplace that internet has in our life. Online shopping took significant steps and leaps, holding a great place in our life that we base the fulfillment of our daily needs in this manner. As in the whole world, online shopping has become a prominent way of shopping in Turkey. With countless entrepreneurs that wish to make the best of such a sector, shopping online is highly developed in Turkey. With the success of grand Turkish companies in foreign countries as well, online shopping is seemed to maintain its value. Let us take a closer look at some of Turkey’s most used and secure online shopping platforms.


Turkey’s largest online shopping site, Trendyol continues to take groundbreaking steps every year. With a wide variety of products on this site, Trendyol manages to provide a promising service for its customers. From clothing to baby care, from shoes to maintenance tools, everything can be found in Trendyol. One thing that makes Trendyol unique is its fast-shipping time and secure payment methods. Originated from Istanbul, Trendyol consists of several other projects such as Trendyol Express, Trendyol Tech, and Turkey’s largest second-hand platform Dolap. This online shopping site continues to maintain its high-quality goods with low prices since 2010.


Turkey’s biggest food delivery corporation, Yemeksepeti establishes a firm connection between countless restaurants all around Turkey with the people since 2001. As part of the global delivery service Delivery Hero since 2015, Yemeksepeti continues to increase its success every year. With additional 5 million users, Yemeksepeti signed records with having 19 million users. This constantly growing food delivery service commonly used by the Turkish people is bound with success and is expected to continue its growth as well. Along with Yemeksepeti’s great reach to Turkey’s 81 provinces, Banabi is a project of Yemeksepeti that focuses on the delivery of groceries.


Sahibinden is a second-hand shopping platform that started as a site to sell real estate and vehicles. Now, Sahibinden is among Turkey’s biggest online shopping sites that establishes secure and fast shopping at reasonable prices. As many online shopping sites depend on commercial shops and firms, Sahibinden is a site where people put up their ownings on sale. This successful site is preferred by countless small shops as well, increasing the variety of items.


Gittigidiyor is a Turkish online shopping site that operates within the roof of the globally renowned shopping site eBay. Gittigidiyor is a well-known shopping site widely used by the public to have access to many items with secured payment. Opened in 2001, Gittigidiyor gained its fame with its ‘’zero risk system’’ securing both sellers and buyers. There are more than 15 million purchases done with this method. Gittigidiyor establishes a range of more than 4,000 product categories for their customers.


Established in 1998, Hepsiburada is among the most used online shopping websites in Turkey. With more than 5,000 thousand firms working with Hepsiburada, they aim to provide the best quality products for their customers in the fastest way possible. Hepsiburada works coherently with almost all the shipping firms that function inside Turkey and even offer international shipping. As Hepsiburada continues to receive immense attention in addition to their sales on special days, prominent growth is inevitable.

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